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Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you aren’t big on the holiday, I hope you take some time for self-care. A face mask, bubble bath, book, or long walk. Whatever makes you happy! Henri and I will be cuddled up at home as the city continues to be a snow globe. I sent cookie care packages to my family over the weekend.

A little story behind the photo, I took this in 2013 on Valentine’s Day in my new neighborhood of Montmartre. I didn’t know anyone in Paris at the time I moved. I went for a walk to grab a baguette on a rainy cold day and I ended up stumbling on a film set. My red umbrella caught the attention of a producer and I was cast as an extra in a highly anticipated tv pilot. I was sworn to secrecy at the time. I met up with the producer and crew at night for a wrap party that got me home at 3 am. I assumed that I would be solo most of my first three months in Paris and this encouraged me that anything was possible.

The Eiffel Tower is getting a facelift in preparation for the 2024 Olympics

Travel and the art of anticipation (NYT)

Brené Brown podcast on What Makes Love Last

I started using this night Retrinal cream from Avène for antiaging and love it.

This French designer has a new collection at the Louvre museum and it’s all about the Tuileries

How Ina Garten Does Paris (take notes for these Parisian classics)

Michelle Obama is launching a cooking show on Netflix for kids to encourage healthy eating.

I am working on a post with Klorane and their dry shampoo. If you don’t own any, you are missing out on this French girl’s secret. This helps extend time in between washes.

The Eiffel Tower needed a blow torch to melt ice as snow blankets Europe

Discover this colorful Parisian apartment in Architectural Digest

The love language of butter via NYT

Cuyana made all their most popular bags in rose. I own this one in rose for all my beauty products and I love it. Now I want this tech carryall next. Once I start traveling again, this is going to be a must!

My Eiffel Tower scissors are finally back in stock at Target.

Virtual Paris for Valentine’s Day

The secret to David Lebovitz’s Parisian style hot chocolate (WSJ may require subscription)

The Type of Love that Makes People the Happiest

3 Secret Places Hidden in Paris

The Paris Library debuted this week. I ordered a copy. I am drawn to anything WWII set in France.

France is now letting workers eat at their desks. Side note, I have been working since out of college at 22 and I have been eating lunch at my desk ever since…

This dreamy light-filled apartment in Bordeaux is stunning.

13 Interior Design trends shaped by the pandemic (WSJ may require subscription)

Adding this cashmere sweater to my wishlist

I love the trend of fun hair accessories. For someone who hasn’t had a haircut in 6 months. I need something fun and colorful.

Speaking of hair, this popular French hairstyle is making a comeback

I have been doing Daily Harvest for almost a month now and I couldn’t live without my Nutribullet.

Romance in Paris according to The Real Emily in Paris posted via David Lebovitz

Lancôme is 25% right now. I love this lash primer and I can’t live without it. It always goes under my mascara.

A lot of you mentioned home decorating projects, elevate your bedroom this weekend with this inspiration from Vogue

Madewell is currently 25% off for insiders on everything including this adorable cardigan sweater, their transport tote that I own and love, and my favorite walking sneakers.

It’s okay, you can hit pause on your goals right now

What I cooked this week:

Sheet pan chicken. I love feta and greek yogurt and this seemed simple enough. I made it with chicken breasts and Brussel sprouts instead of asparagus.

Chocolate Lava Cake. This is so easy and you can make it for one or two people perfect for Valentine’s Day at home.

On the blog:

Frenchify Your Valentine’s Day

My Favorite Kitchen Items

The Paris Print Contest

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I love your blog as well. Very upbeat, but realistic about some of the stress we’re coping with during the pandemic. Here’s an article about destrssing in "digital rooms." In particular, see Jazz Bar in Paris. I "hung out" there all afternoon yesterday and never got bored with the music and ambiance.

  2. Rebeca, I might be one of the few men on your site. I fell in love with Europe when my father was stationed in England as a fighter pilot from Canada on exchange in the late 60s. We eventually moved to a base in France and that is when I truly appreciated cloths, food and the enjoyment of life.
    Both my twin brother and I followed in the family tradition of serving the Queen. I joined the RCN and my brother the 8th Hussars Canadian army.
    He saw most of northern Europe due to the cold war, while I saw the rest of the world through the Navy. My wife and I have frequently enjoyed going to Paris over the years. How I kept my years away from killing our married.
    Thus I come to the what I am asking /looking for, ala I must end my Naval career and want to take my son and his live in girlfriend to Paris, my wife prefers the 7th. I am looking for hotels, etc. that offer good price for value that allow this to occur. Don’t know if you have done a video on it or might want to.
    Keep, keeping all of us feeling warm during these times.

    • Thank you, Morgan! It was a lot of fun and the night out was one to remember. I think I had a smile on my face the whole next day. It really helped me push out of my comfort zone and set the tone for the next few months.

  3. Philippe Conticini has two brothers who had a restaurant in the Montmartre area in the 90’s that was one of our favorites. Then he went into the pastry business for himself and Patisserie des Rêves is the result. We also like Gerard Mulot in the 6th for bread and croissants.
    Rebecca, I really look forward to your Sunday email.
    Thanks and stay warm with Henri.