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This week seemed to happen in one big blur into the weekend. Henri and I got out for a long walk with a friend this week which was so nice. I made an impromptu sweet potato quiche (instead of using pastry dough) and it was delicious. I will share the recipe here in the coming week. I added a lot of new Spring prints to the Print Shop. It has been fun to look back through the archives and discover new photographs.

Grab your coffee and croissant and join me for this week’s links I love.

In the Latin Quarter, Paris’s Intellectual Heartbeat Grows Fainter

Europe Proposes Certificate to Reopen Travel By Summer

Are you dreaming too big? How to follow your dreams and get happier

Last week, I wrote about Re-Entry Anxiety. I had a reader send me this article about Anxiety about Post-Pandemic life and it is so good.

For those returning to the workplace eventually, this is a helpful article.

Spring headbands are about to be everywhere. I still love the big chunky ones. But this is a trend to watch for sure. Sharing a few inexpensive options below.

How Street Style in Paris Changed this Year

Want to go to Europe this Summer? Here is what we know. NYT article

Did you gain pandemic pounds like me? Here is how much Americans gained per month/per year according to the New York Times.

Rare Van Gogh Masterpiece sells for $15.4 Million in Paris

This funny accidental reply-all email started a funny conversation and all they wanted was their couches. This was in the WSJ this weekend

The benefits of running. Henri and I are doing it more and more. He loves it! I am not a runner but I am open to doing a little to make him happy.

Did you know Paris will hold the Olympics in 2024? They have committed to hosting the games with a positive impact on the climate. The first Olympics to do so.

The expert’s guide to online shopping. If you will not wear it 30 times, it isn’t worth it.

My colorful bowls are on sale at Anthropologie right now. I use these from everything from kitchen prep to popcorn. The mini ones are great for dips, salsas, guacamole to add to a larger plate. You can also use the minis for a cheese plate to hold olives or nuts. I use these daily and love them.

The long tail of the pandemic puppy business (WSJ may require subscription)

18 of the best bakeries in Chicago. Some I know, and some are new to be discovered.

Now is your chance to visit the Louvre for Free and from the comfort of your own home. The Louvre has put its entire collection online.

The best books to read during quarantine

I am a big fan of Masterclass. I signed up at Christmas and they continue to add new content on a regular basis. It covers so many different genres. I am looking forward to exploring more over the coming weeks.

How to handle a breakup. I have some friends that found love over the last year, but I also know there have been some breakups. Here are tips to help you through it. I really wish I had this article when I went through a bad breakup. Instead, I watched Gilmore Girls and cut bangs.

My favorite pocket t-shirts are on sale at Madewell 25% off. I buy new basics of these every year.

10 Classical Concerts to Stream in April (NYT)

Discover Sézane’s Spring collection here. If you have questions on sizing, you can consult this blog post.

I am always asked about my necklaces. I started with one that I bought myself as a gift and now I have a layered look of 3. They are from Monica Vinader They three get tangled a bit, but it’s a quick fix.

Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Bank Account in France If you have plans to live in France/Rent/Own an Apartment this is very helpful information to bookmark.

12 of the most celebrated movies filmed in Paris

Henri hasn’t made it up to the bed yet, but I got him this Boll and Branch baby blanket before I brought him home. I put it in his crate and he loves sleeping with it at night. It is on sale. If you have an upcoming baby gift, this is a great deal.

What fully vaccinated travelers need to know before planning a trip

How to get your houseplants ready for Spring. I wrote this post on my favorite planters for Spring that could also be helpful.

Stylish people are putting plates on the walls and we are here for it. My grandma did this! Did anyone else’s?

I was surprised to see a few beauty brands on Sale at Nordstrom. If you need a replacement of something in your beauty cabinet, it is time to stock up. Dior ( I love my lash plumper) Kiehls is 15 % off I am loving the avocado eye cream, Clarins, and Caudalie are also on sale. There are so many to list. You can see every beauty brand on sale here.

On the Blog:

How to Frenchify Your Spring

My Madewell sneaker review (They are currently 25% off)

There is a new Spring playlist on the blog via Spotify. I listened to it Friday night while hanging at home and I have to say it makes me sing out loud and put a smile on my face. I hope it does the same for you.

Where to See Magnolias Bloom in Paris

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  1. I love all the links. I finished watching the series The French Village on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend. (After I watched The Bureau and Spiral.). The French Village was amazing if you are into French World War II history. It really does a good job. Now, I am watching a documentary series about Paris on Amazon Prime called Paris: The Great Saga. This would be considered very boring to anyone that does not feel a connection to Paris. But, I am somewhat into it because it shows how deep Paris is. Having lived there, it is rather mind blowing to think of all the history that has shaken Paris since the beginning.

  2. I have a large platter hanging on my bedroom wall. It was handmade and I picked it up during a trip to Tuscany. I love it and the memories it brings.

  3. If you are ever up in Highland Park, That Little French Guy, is a must – add it to your list of bakeries. The vanilla cream French toast is Heaven!!!