Paris Concierge Insider Secrets: Nolinksi

paris concierge insider secrets nolinksi hotel rebecca plotnick

Introducing The Nolinksi Hotel located in the heart of Paris. Mohamed the head concierge of The Nolinksi shares his tips and secrets of Paris this month.

How long has the hotel Nolinkski been open?

3 years

Can you tell me a little about the hotel and what makes it special?

“We do not know how to say no to our guests” Our motto is, “Right away for the impossible wait a minute”

Can you describe to readers where the hotel is located in the city of Paris?

The Nolinski is right in the middle of everything a block away from Rue Saint Honoré , 2 minutes on foot from the Opera Garnier or Tuileries and Royal Garden as well we can see the Louvre museum from our entrance Nolinski is located between history and modernity the perfect location.

paris concierge insider secrets nolinski hotel

What is the best café for people watching? 

Café Nemours, very close to the hotel .. or Les Deux Magots classy ,but the best

Can you recommend a top pastry or patisserie that should not be missed in Paris?

Cédric Grolet on avenue de l’Opera, my favorite patisserie is the Perle pin apple by Yann Brys

What is one exhibition or museum you shouldn’t miss in Paris?

Leonard Da Vinci the Louvre museum without an ounce of hesitation or Francis Bacon at the Centre Pompidou

Rain is always in the forecast when it comes to Paris, what is your top recommendation for a rainy afternoon?

Flyview, or a walk through the covered passages

covered passages paris france rebecca plotnick

covered passages of paris france rebecca plotnick

My readers love to explore off the beaten path locations in Paris. Could you recommend a shopping street or boutique that may not be known for them to discover?

I like to in the 9th district or in le Marais on archives street 

What are your favorite family friendly activities in Paris? 

La tete dans les nuages (an arcade located on the Left Bank of Paris)

You can save the map here

About you!

paris concierge insider secrets nolinksi hotel

Where did you work before Nolinkski? 

At the Louvre Hotel a Hyatt hotel

Where are you from?

I was born in France however my parents come from Algeria which is by the way France sister everyone is Algeria speaks French.

What is your favorite arrondissement in Paris?

I have always been working in the 1st arrondissement in my opinion it is the perfect location as it is the heart of Paris The Center everything is walkable from here even the Iron Lady (35 minutes on foot).

Moreover, there is the heaven on earth for women Saint honoré street where all the high-end stores & designer are.

rue saint-honoré paris france everyday parisian

Opera Garnier, Louvre museum, Royal Garden, Jardin des tuileries and countless fine dining restaurants.

My advice for shopper is:

Take your passport when you shop to get VAT tax refund as every item purchased over than 175 € you will get 20 % back. As well, ask to be refund by cash and as on your credit card it takes a while to have it.

Besides, in Charles de Gaulle at the Terminal 2A you can be refund in US dollars for Americans citizens.

There is always a new restaurant/bar in Paris. What are you most looking forward to opening in 2020?

Restaurant de d’hôtel de la Marine by Jean Francois Piege

Describe your perfect day in Paris? Where would you spend Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner if you could go anywhere.

First and foremost a day without working out a bit it less productive therefore either I go at l’Usine (the best gym in town) or run in the Tuileries garden making 5 laps.

Then, I‘ll go to Claus Palais Royal for a sweet & salt breakfast following by heading to the Pompidou center to discover Francis Bacon exposition called  Books & Paintings or actually there is Leonard Da Vinci in Louvre museum either way I end up at Sinner the new restaurant Evok hotel collection for lunch in le Marais district which propose a fusion cuisine French & Mediterranean by Adam Bentala who might be the trendiest executive chef in town at the moment.

Then, I‘ll go to Turenne street to find out what is the men fashion trend in order to prepare my outfit for the Saturdays.

Indeed, Paris is the flagship of fashion we like to dress up for everything!!!

It’s coffee time at Café Verlet as I am a coffee lover, I always go there to find out new strong coffee.

Kindly note for these who do not like bitter coffee it is not the appropriate place.

 End of the day, there is a nice quotation in French saying, “The only possible international agreements are gastronomic agreements” actually to please my wife I have to always surprise her in choosing restaurants she is the most demanding “guest” I have ever met however, I lover her as a result when it is time to select a dinner restaurant. I do not think I ponder as much as I can.

My lightning strike of this year is Palais Royal restaurant which had a Michelin star, it is located in the Royal Garden under the corridor. First she felt like a queen we are in the Royal Garden is in it, then atmosphere is not too snobbish as certain Michelin starred establishment as the cuisine is generous not stuffy.

My last drink will be at the Speakeasy that make you remember Chicago back in the 1920’s, you enter in a dark room which leads to the liveliest place in town on Saturdays. There is a nice cigar room if you are a fan of cigars where you can smoke.

This is my day in the city of lights.

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