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Happy Sunday! I spent the weekend skiing in Utah this weekend. If you have been following along, this is my second time skiing in my life. I had a ton of help from readers on ideas on what to pack. This time around, it was much easier and I put everything together in a packing list. You can read What to Pack for a Ski Weekend Here. Friday was extremely warm and I could have easily gone without one of my coats. Sunglasses and sunscreen was essential.

Dior Joins Forces with the Louvre to Restore Tuileries Gardens

A new trend in travel, You Can Check Out Any Time You Like

I have my eye on these adorable Sarah Flint flats for Paris

A Guide to Montmartre Where to Eat, Drink and Explore.

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught

I packed for Deer Valley in my AWAY bag. See everything I packed here.

NEW to The Print Shop St Paul Rooftop Views

st paul rooftop parisian views rebecca plotnick

Currently crushing on the new Sézane Oli bag. Also, I really want this black dress for Summer. I would wear it ALL the time.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve your French for Paris, this podcast will help.

France urges people to stop greeting people with kisses due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

what to pack for paris in the spring everyday parisian

“The Dating Market is Getting Worse” for someone who is practically an expert in online dating, I found this article very interesting.

Inside the new Louboutin exhibition in Paris

Gare de Lyon catches fire over the weekend due to protestors.

A weekend quiche

If you haven’t tried Supergoop, this is a great introduction to the product plus a great value.

Readers Favorites This Week

A new exhibition opens on La Belle Epoque in Pasadena.

Degas is having a moment, again

12 places food lovers should eat in Paris

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