Links I Love Week 30

Happy Sunday! I am writing this week’s Links I Love from my new place. ❤️ It took a lot of hard work, 3 moving guys, a lot of hours packing and unpacking, but I am finally here! I am setting in to the new space and unpacking as much as possible over the weekend. Hopefully I can squeeze in a nap on the couch. I will share more on the new place soon. Grab you coffee and croissant (or blueberry muffin in my case) and enjoy this week’s links.

Perfecting Roast Chicken “The French Way”

The Top “Quarantine Recipes” from Around the World

The Everlane Summer Sale is not to be missed. I did a round up here of my top pics and I ordered this and this which should be arriving today!

Williams Sanoma has the cutest mini Madeleine pan

Tati, a “Place Where Everybody Can Shop” is closing its doors. I lived by the Barbès location in 2013 and I picked up a few things when I moved into my first apartment. It is sad to see this go away due to COVID

The hunt continues for wallpaper at the new place and I love this site for so many blue options.

The 12 Best Cheese Shops that Will Deliver Cheese Right to your Doorstep

Dried flowers are a huge trend on Instagram right now because they’re guaranteed to make your flat look chic and Parisian on a budget

How to Sell Books in 2020: Put them next to the Toilet Paper

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to French Wink and I was able to connect with them thanks to another reader and I have my own mini-collection with them! I pulled together my favorite items from their site.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was pushed back to August due to COVID but you can get a sneak peek here and start saving your favorites. I already have a list of things to buy! More on that coming up.

I picked up a few things for the new place over the weekend after unpacking a bit. I am still set on those blueberry muffins from last week and the blueberries are still in the fridge. I have been slowly eating them because they are so good I am trying to savor them and save them blueberry muffins.

Watch this sweet video of Julia Child talking about the fear of failure.

Six songs that explain Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore

I ordered these dishes from France a few weeks ago and they arrived just in time for the new place. I love them so much! She keeps selling out of pieces quickly and they are one of a kind so jump on her mailing list if you are interested.

How Boulangerie Utopie Makes One of Paris’s Most Innovative Croissants

Ten things you probably didn’t know about Pétanque

Floating cinema originally on the Seine is now coming to Chicago

The New Rules of Dating

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  1. Hi Rebecca
    Love, love those plates by Madame de la Maison
    does Ajiri have a physical store? Would love to bring some back on my next trip to Paris
    (see I’m being optimistic)

    • Hi Fidelma,

      I have really loved them too. You need a set 🙂 I don’t think she has an actual storefront. You can email her (she is super sweet) and she will help you!

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    The dishes that you found are gorgeous but please know that the markup is quite steep on these. Having a home within an hour of Limoges (the porcelain capital of France), I can tell you that a set of 6-9 of these dishes can easily be found for a fraction of the price (and I’d gladly bring them home for you and ship them domestically). For reference, here is a link to a set of 9 such porcelain dishes on the FB marketplace in the region – Love your blog, as always.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      That is so sweet of you! I know the markup is high. She originally had them for 100 euros and recently increased the price. She is a small business and it is important for me to support her. I would love for you to bring some home and I would be happy to pay you for them. I have always wanted to bring some back but I never have the room in my suitcase.