Links I Love Week 51

Exciting updates at home, my wallpaper was finally put up in the front entryway. It was worth the wait. It is such a fun pop at the entrance. I finished shipping in The Print Shop for the holiday season this week and started to wind down for the year. I had the opportunity to speak for Career Day for a 4th-grade class in Texas over Zoom. It was so fun and the kids were amazing. I made World Peace cookies for home and shared them with the UPS driver. I am ready to rest up for the next few weeks.

Vulture just did a Nancy Meyers week of articles and it’s so good! Everything you wanted to know about your favorite movies. This is a long read with many articles so bookmark and return.

The pandemic shut down her chateau. Then she became a Youtube star

Now that we have a vaccine that is starting to roll out, I think we are all wondering, “When Can We Make Plans?”

The most beautiful Parisian yule logs of Christmas 2020

The House of Tomorrow according to The WSJ

This podcast episode was really helpful if you are struggling with the holidays during the Pandemic.

How to Do Paris Like a French Dog

Vintage Photos of Paris

This is what happens to couples under stress

I love Kristen Hannah and her books, they are turning “Firefly Lane” into a series on Netflix in February. Here are the details.

Our Shared Unsharing

An intimate view of the Mona Lisa just sold for $98,000

If you are looking for an experience gift, I love the idea of Masterclass. I would love this as a gift.

Another SNL skit that is so relevant, it had me laughing out loud.

Fashion items that defined 2020 according to Vogue

Not feeling like “you” You are not alone.

These mini latte bowls from Anthropologie are one of my favorite things. I use them in the kitchen almost daily.

This week I wrote an important post about how to credit a photo on social media after fighting back on a lot of stolen images. My friend Danielle wrote this great post on social media etiquette that is also important.

If you are one who loves to bake or knows someone who does, this baking mat is a game-changer and makes a great gift! I bought it via a reader recommendation and it is totally worth it. No cooking sprays, aluminum foil, or parchment paper needed.

Dream, Plan, and Go: A Travel Guide to Inspire Your Independent Adventure

If you have watched “The Flight Attendant” like me, you will find this article interesting plus there are plans for SEASON 2! (contains spoiler alerts)

This dry shampoo makes my life so much easier in the morning with bangs. I spray it directly on my hairbrush and run it through my hair. It is a French girl secret 😉

Stuck at Home, People are Splurging on Wine and Spirits (via NYT)

The city of Paris was fined $110,000 for appointing too many women. (NYT article)

On the Blog this week:

My Tomato Sauce Recipe which I always make for my family. It’s so easy and delicious.

French Wines to Pair with Your Holiday Meal

All about my Holiday Cookie Boxes, I sent my family

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