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Happy Sunday! We are in the heat of the Summer and most of the US and France is under a heat wave. How is everyone beating the heat? Summer feels like it is here and gone in a blink. I am already starting to plan ahead for Fall.

The best article I have read on Notre Dame covering every detail on the fire. There are maps and it breaks down a play by play from the start of the fire to the end of the evening and how it changed course. It is still crazy to think I was in there for a private tour just a month before and arrived to Paris on the night of the fire.

I have had a lot of people request What to Pack for Paris in the Fall so I created this post along with Nordstrom sweaters, coats, and boots that are on sale right now.

How Picasso’s Muse Became a Master

Best Areas to Stay in Paris: 8 of The City’s Top Hotels according to Forbes

“But being single also means realizing that if being married is seen as a success, an objective, the shortest path to happiness and something to be endlessly celebrated, then being single is seen as a failure – nobody ever celebrates singleness.” Garance Doré Read her latest article here. I just love her honesty

Is it too early to start thinking about sweater season? I love this knit tunic with button detail for under $100 Plus it is 20% this weekend. I just purchased it.

How early should you get to the airport?

These are apparently the best strapless bras. I have heard from a few people. Does anyone own one?

14 of the dreamiest places in France

In the City of Love, Mass Tourism Troubles Parisian Hearts

Bodysuits are back at Everlane. I wear them year round but these are great basics to layer under sweaters for Fall. I ordered all three colors. At $35 per bodysuit.

Tati is closing all but one store. This isn’t the best store in Paris but I passed it every day on my walk when I lived in Montmartre and it is part of my Paris story.

The 20 Best Kid’s Books to Calm Back To School Jitters ( I sent this one to my sister)

How to Travel by Yourself Confidently

This is a scary reality why you shouldn’t post about your kids online. I keep my niece and nephew private for a reason.

Cuyana just released a Weekender Bag which is a larger version of my top zip bag for long weekends. Putting in my Holiday Wish List Request Now.

cuyana weekender bag

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Receives 20 Emmy Nominations. I LOVE this show. I will be cheering Midge on during the awards in September.

Do you sleep with your phone next to your bed? This may be hurting your sleep.

Are electric scooters safe? They have popped up in Paris and now Chicago. Have you tried them?

The Williams Sonoma Catalog is all about France this month. If you didn’t get it in the mail, you can view the content online here.

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