Links I Love : May Week 4

This weekend I am spending time with family back home. I have been so excited to see my niece and nephew, they are growing up so fast and they are at such a fun age right now. My aunts and uncles are also in town for an event so it is a jam packed weekend with family. I will be back to normal blogging next week and be sharing more about my trip. I have gotten emails about questions for Paris planning and they will all be returned when I am back in Chicago next week. I hope you all enjoy your Holiday weekend. 

Aldi’s $8 Bottle or Rosé is voted one of the best in the world

3 French-Girl Eating Habits You Should Adopt Right now

Historic French Label Saint James Teams up with Illustrator Marin Montagut

25 Places to Visit in Paris Right Now via Jetsetter

Air France to Launch ‘Boost,’ an Airline Targeted at Millennials, Later this Year

The Best Outdoor Bars in Paris

Paris on A Budget via the Today Show and Lindsay Tramuta of “The New Paris”

It’s True: Every Cool French Girl’s Room Has These 3 Things

How to Entertain Like a French Woman with Garance Doré

13 Great Books Set in France



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