Where to Eat Crêpes in Paris

where to eat crepes in paris everyday parisian

Did you know the French have a crêpe holiday? I didn’t either until I moved there in 2013. I arrived on February 2nd in Montmartre and discovered there was indeed a holiday centered around the crêpe and it was the day I arrived. If you want to know the meaning behind the holiday you can read this post.

I am happy for any occasion to eat a good crêpe. My first crêpe will always be my favorite, banana and nutella on February 14th in 2003 in Paris waiting in line for a double decker tourist bus. I was basically screaming, “look at me, I am a tourist” the only thing I was missing was a beret.

where to eat crepes in paris everyday parisian

Where to Eat Crêpes in Paris

I have come a LONG way since that first crêpe in 2003. There are plenty of places to get a crêpe in Paris. I prefer the sweet ones over the savory ones. Sucre and citron (sugar and lemon) is a good classic and I sometimes just eat them plain. I will get a banana and nutella crêpe from time to time but I always feel like they are just a lot of nutella so I try to go light on the nutella or share with someone.

Crêpes spots in Paris

Tip: You will need euros for the stands around Paris. It will cost you less than 5 euros. You want to get one made in front of you. Some spots will have some crêpes already made and they will heat them up on the skillet and add in your toppings. Skip those places if you can.

My go to spots are La Drugerie in The Marais it is close to the falafel spots and my favorite Miznon.

There is spot right on St Germain close to Deux Margots which is always open late and decent. I have stopped here many times. Everyone goes nuts for Breizh and they have opened multiple locations including one right by Odeon. I did discover a spot my last trip in the Marais that had gluten free options called Marie-Madeleine. Everything is bookmarked on the map below.

Is there a spot I am missing that you can’t miss? Comment below and share! xo

If you aren’t in Paris, you can easily make crêpes at home. You just need a crêpe pan, (this one is super affordable) You can use my recipe here or you can buy a mix which is also good. Just add your favorite ingredients. I love a citron sucre or banana and nutella crêpe.

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  1. My favorite crepe place is Chez Nicos at 44 Rue Mouffetard in the 5th. As you said about your favorite, this was where I experienced my first crepe in Paris. We were staying at a lovely apartment on Blvd de Port Royal. I have fond memories of that 2017 trip.

  2. There is a nice little spot on Ille St Louis not fair from St. Regis cafe. A small, small spot with a window to the street.

  3. Hello! Thank you for the article. I love Au Lys D’Argent on Ile St. Louis – so cute inside and they are always so friendly. Where is the place you mentioned near Deux Magots?

    • Hi Charlotte!

      Merci! It is just a crêpe stand that is right outside the Saint Germain metro stop. You can’t miss it!

  4. My favorite crepe place is Chez Nicos at 44 Rue Mouffetard in the 5th. I love this area. Some of my favorite Paris memories began on Rue Mouffetard. Start at the bottom, walk to the top, then on to the Pantheon and continue strolling in Le Jardin Luxembourg. Perfect Paris day.

    • HI Jackie,

      That sounds perfect! I am so happy to hear you had great memories in Paris. I will look out for your spot on my next trip to Paris.