The Paris Diaries : Winter 2018

paris france ile st louis black and white

Paris feels like one big blur, especially the first day. When I look back at photos from that day, I can’t even remember all the details. Thank goodness for me documenting life through images. 

I arrived in Paris early and I had to be patient to check into my apartment I rented on île st louis. For a while now, this little spot in the middle of Paris has been special to me and I have always wanted to stay here. It is a little tricky, the island is small and the apartments are expensive. I did manage to find a cute apartment through Airbnb for this trip. I did a quick search and it just looked like the perfect little spot for my home base. 

The usual site I rent from was booked, which is always my first choice. Since this was a short trip, it was okay to try something a little different. 

I had breakfast at Café St Regis, which may have been the most quiet part of the whole trip. I had my oeuf à la coque, baguette, french butter, and yogurt. I was in heaven. I waited patiently with my luggage to check in to my apartment in the early afternoon. 

I had a meeting at 3 pm at Galleries Lafayette, so I quickly unpacked and freshened up before I had to run. I prefer to get around Paris by foot so I walked. My first trip to Europe was in the dead of Winter so there is something so comforting about the smells and crisp air across my face. 

galleries lafayette

I was very close to the Paris Opera House after my meeting so I purchased a ticket earlier in the week to plan ahead. The last entry is at 4:30, so I was dashing through traffic to make it. I only had a few minutes but it was good to go back. I wanted to reshoot a few things since the last time I was inside was 2011. I hope to be back for a ballet performance later this year. 

paris opera house

paris opera house

paris opera house

I only packed two pairs of boots this trip. It was a short trip. I can’t say enough about my blondos. Paris can start to rain at any moment and not only are these comfortable but they are waterproof. 

You can read more about what I packed for Paris here. 


I was invited for wine with friends who live on île st louis so I made the walk back to the island. I can’t say I wasn’t distracted just a bit by the fog and the rising Seine. It was great to catch up with them in their home. 

paris black and white

_MG_6650 small.jpg

Paris was so foggy and cold this first day. I thought I would never have any light. The idea of a series of black and white photographs immediately came to mind. 

I pushed through drinks and found myself on the left bank for dinner. I had a destination in mind but ended up settling for something a little closer to the island. I couldn’t wait to fall into bed. 

The spot I found was called Alimento, an Italian spot off of St Germain. What I loved about it was that I was the only American. This is something I am always seeking out. The reason why I travel abroad is to be immersed in the culture not to meet people that speak my own language. I may not be fluent but, observing and listening is so fascinating. It is why I stopped watching television. I ordered a pizza but the two gentleman next to me ordered the carbonara and I have never seen anything like it. I have to go back and try the pasta. Pizza and Pasta were in the range of 20 euros depending on what you ordered. 

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  1. Wow, amazing pictures, the fog looks pretty nostalgic. Which lens do you use? Did they tell you that the flooor at the scenario of the Opera is inclined? I would also love go to a ballet there!

    • Thank you! The fog was pretty magical. Some days I couldn’t even find the eiffel tower. I typically use a 35 mm lens. It is my go to. You must get to a ballet!

  2. Great decision to shoot some b&w photographs, Rebecca…they are exceptional! The fog and chill in the air you mention appear almost touchable!

    I wanted to compliment you on your January 27th (with A French Frye in Paris) on-camera demeanor; you were an absolute delight! Just as I had imagined you would be…a joyful soul! While, as you say, it may not be something you are comfortable with, you have a most enjoyable presence. I hope to see you again, soon. 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! I travel to Paris often as well — although never often enough — and I have the same Blondo boots. They are equally great for traveling as they are for our long Wisconsin winters — warm and stylish. Can’t wait to see more of your trip. Bon week-end!

    • Hi Melinda,

      Thank you! I feel there is always more to see in Paris. I hope you get back soon 🙂

      Blondos are the best! I have the short and tall pair.

      Have a great weekend.


      • Hi Rebecca,

        I just booked a flight to Paris this morning. The prices are so great right now and your photos and blog helped compel me to return. Leaving in two week!

        Merci pour l’inspiration!


        • Hi Melinda,

          I am so happy to hear this!! You will have a fabulous time. Please let me know how your trip is when you return. Safe travels!


  4. Just found your blog from following "A French Frye in Paris" on Facebook. I’ve read a few posts and love your photos, they’re beautiful. I’m hoping to come to Paris to study French sometime this year or next, hopefully the sooner the better. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a teenager to "live" in Paris for any amount of time. I’ll definitely keep following your adventures……thanks!