Recette des crème au chocolate

recette des crèmes au chocolat by every day parisian

I have been completely spoiled by my French teacher Caroline. She brings me homemade desserts to our lessons from time to time. She made this crème au chocolat for me this Summer and was kind enough to share her recipe. It wasn’t until recently, that I had a chance to make it. The recipe is simple, I made it early Sunday morning before leaving for dance class. It sits in the fridge for 5 hours so make sure you leave enough time before enjoying.

The recipe is in French but I am translating in English.


40 grams of farine (1/3 cup of flour)

50 grams of beurre (3 1/2 tablespoons of butter)

200 grams of chocolat noir ( 7 ounces of dark chocolate)

I used one bar of Vosges Chocolate and split the recipe in half to make 2 1/2 jars. This is a great option if you are single like me and just want a taste or you don’t want to make a larger amount.

80 grammes de sucre vanillé ( 3/4 cups vanilla sugar) This is easy to make and I have learned from Caroline to have this as a staple in my kitchen. After using a vanilla bean pod, I will put the shell in a sugar jar. This becomes vanilla sugar in no time and will increase the flavor in other recipes. I use it in my madeleines too!

1 Litre du lait (4 cups of milk)


Dans une casserole faire fondre le beurre a feu doux. In a pan melt the butter on low heat

Ajouter la farine. Melange avec un fouet. Add the flour. Mix with a whisk

Ajouter le lait petit a petit. Add the milk a little at a time

Jusqu’a obtenir une pate (creme) mix until the mixture is smooth.

Ajouter le sucre et le chocolat noir. Add the sucre and the dark chocolate

Puis melanger pour 5 minutes. Mix for 5 minutes while it boils. It will thicken at this point.

Verser le melanger dans les pots. Pour the mixture into the pots. I used the same glass pots I make my yogurt in.

Après, les pots doixent. Rester au frigo pendant 5 heure min.

Don’t put the pots in the fridge directly. Let them cool first. Put them in the fridge for 5 hours before serving. I added fresh raspberries but you can use whatever fruit you want.

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