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The past few days I have been backing up and sorting through old Paris photos. It has gotten me homesick for Paris more than usual. When I first started going to Paris in 2010 and then again in 2013, I had fresh eyes on the city. As much as I try to see the city in a new light each time, there is nothing like those first trips to Paris. I miss my Montmartre balcony, getting lost with my camera, and being anonymous in the city.

The Top 10 Museums in the World Revealed (a Paris museum is on the list) 

JCrew is now on Amazon

Homesick for Paris in NYC? Don’t miss Messy Nessy’s list of Parisian spots in New York. Bookmark this one for your next visit. I already did!

20 Movies Every Woman should watch in your 30’s

French Books in the US – The 2018 Edition

I need this BONJOUR coffee mug from Anthropologie. (hint Christmas gift)

bonjour coffee mug from Anthropologie

How 2008 Changed How we Invest, How Many Kids We Have and How We Spend Money. I lost my job in 2008 and all of these 5 facts are true and relatable to me.

The Ultimate Guide to French Pastries

A Guide to Shopping and Dining in Montmartre

10 Best Things to do in Paris according to CNTraveler (a reader sent me this one)

This Boutique Hotel just opened in Paris in one of my favorite neighborhoods. I can’t wait to check it out next month.

If you are in search of a good framer, I always use Framebridge. I recently used them to frame a piece I bought in Paris. It turned out so well and they keep adding different frames to their collection. You can get 15% off by using my link here.

A Look Inside Hôtel de Ville and Luxembourg Palace for Heritage Days

Sézane is heading to London. Don’t miss the new store on your next visit!

I am a big fan of Sézane and have visited the stores in NYC and Paris. If you can’t make it to a store, you can always shop online. 

Image by Charissa Fay

Image by Charissa Fay

A Beginners Guide to Visiting Champagne (The best time to visit is October/November) mark this for your list if you are visiting this Fall.

My first visit to Champagne was in October of 2014 and I loved it.

champagne france visit by rebecca plotnick

I have recently gotten hooked on Grace and Frankie. Has anyone seen the show? I am just starting Season 3 but happy to hear it will return for a 5th season in 2019.

Headed to Paris on a budget? Don’t miss how to eat in Paris for under 20 euros a day

My favorite bras are on SALE!

Pinterest x West Elm This you have to see!

Emily shares her honest thoughts on anxiety something that I have been dealing with more and more lately. It is all new so I am not sure how to handle it but knowing that someone else struggles with it and is open about it really helps.

My Chicago Guide is up. It still is a work in progress but the google map is a good start. Don’t miss my favorite croissants in the city.

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my chicago apartment inspired by Paris. Montmartre print by Rebecca Plotnick

Best Seller in the Print Shop

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