My Paris Bucket List

My Paris Bucket List

On my first trip to Paris, I did everything touristy. I rode the double-decker bus while eating a chocolate and banana crepe. So I was every chliché in the book. I knew when I was back in 2010 I didn’t need to do the touristy things and I wanted to explore some of the museums and restaurants that weren’t written in every guidebook.

Every trip, I always leave something to look forward to no matter how long I am visiting Paris. There are a lot of restaurants and cafés I have sat at over and over and some I haven’t taken the time to try. My Paris Bucket List includes restaurants, hotels, and museums that I would love to check out on a future visit.

I have been lucky to have had some amazing stays in Paris over the years. I wanted to own my own hotel when I was a kid so the hotels always are high on my list to experience.

My Paris Bucket List

Paris Hotels

My Paris Bucket List - Paris hotels


Le Bristol

I have had tea here before but that’s it so far. This is the hotel they filmed “Midnight in Paris”

George V

I have had tea and a tour here but it was winter and dark. I would love to stay here and get the full experience.

Le Meurice

To wake up and fall asleep with the sunrise and sunset over The Tuileries would just be an absolute dream. My 40th birthday is coming up and this is really where I am staying.

Plaza Athenée

You will know this hotel from Sex and The City.

The Ritz

I have always wanted to have a night here. I have been to the bar for a cocktail but that is it. It was under construction for many years and now it is open again. I would love to experience this hotel.

My Paris Bucket List


La Tour D’Argent

I met a guy on my last night in 2013 that worked as a sommelier at this restaurant. It has been on my list ever since. Also, it inspired the movie Ratatouille which I have watched a bunch of times with my niece and nephew. Recently I saw another blogger have a meal there and it looked incredible so now I have moved it higher on my list.


My first solo trip to Paris I stayed down the street from this restaurant. I didn’t know it existed until an episode of “I Will Have What Phil is Having” I would like to try it.

Jules Verne

It would be fun to experience a meal at the top of the Eiffel Tower. This is one of the most talked-about restaurants in Paris among visitors.

Paris Experiences

I have never done the catacombs. It isn’t high on my list but it would be interesting to experience.

I also want to ice skate in the Grand Palais. It is closed for renovations but that is HIGH on my list!!

Paris Experiences for tourists

Also Christmas in Paris. I have been in Paris just as the city transforms and right after the holidays. But I have never had the full magical experience. I had a trip planned for Christmas of 2021 but canceled due to COVID rates. I hope to make this happen in 2022.

Things to do in paris

That’s it for now, I am sure I will add more as I think of them. What is on your bucket list for Paris?

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    • Hi Alexandra,

      Thank you so much for sending this my way. I can’t wait to explore the book.

      Have a great weekend,

  1. J’ai été aux catacombs trois fois. Je les adore beaucoup. Et aussi, j’ai été à la Samaritaine beaucoup de fois avant les rénovations. J’ai hâte visiter encore.

  2. We have eaten at L’Arpege many times as well as his protege’s place in the 16th.
    Hotel wise, couldn’t agree more about the palaces. Lately, we go to the Grand Intercontinental, no charm but very convenient and due to Gerry’s business trips, we get upgrades galore. I am considering switch to the Hyatt on Rue de la Pais, as they have a new points connection with American where we have our miles.
    Tour wise, I could’nt be there with out going to the Museums- big and small. But never tire of seeing the Vermeers.

  3. We did the catacombs when visiting many years ago. Quite fascinating if you are into history. We also did the Rodin Museum which was amazing, especially the outside sculpture exhibits.

  4. My dad took me to France when I was 12. We stayed at the George V – I remember terribly impressed with the bathrobes. Must be why I love a hotel bathrobe to this day. Paris is on my list but now I want to wait at least 2 years to get past this pandemic mess

  5. That’s a great list. My mum and I had the Christmas lights of Paris on our list and finally did it a couple of years back (I live in Normandie, she flew from Australia). I booked us an open top bus tour and we froze. We couldn’t feel our feet, hands or faces by the end of it and to be honest, there’s only a few streets with great lights. So really, just walk Avenue Montaigne and then grab a take away hot chocolate to stroll the Christmas windows of the Hausmann grand magasins. I hope you make here in October – so much has changed.

  6. I’ve never been to the catacombs since first visiting Paris in 1989. I am eager to visit the newly renovated Musée Carnavalet. It’s one of my favorite museums. I’ve never been to the Musée de la Vie Romantique. Plus La Samaritaine. I loved shopping there before it closed for renovations. I can’t wait to return. Paris has been a regular visit two to three times a year for years. I love wandering the city, reading a newspaper in a park, chatting with strangers, and having an expensive Coke on the sidewalk terrace of almost any cafe!

  7. We visited the catacombs on Halloween a few years back. The history is incredibly fascinating, and it was actually quite touching how the city wanted its forgptten residents to have a real burial.

  8. My husband had The Catacombs on his list when we visited in 2017. We took an early train, hoping to avoid a long waiting line. We were shocked at how long the line already was when we arrived. It wrapped all the way around the building. We decided not to wait… was a disappointment, but we knew we didn’t have the will to stand in that line.

  9. Cooking to a high standard at the Jules Verne is a great challenge. Basically, no gas at all, no stoves up in the air – heavy use of the plancha. The contract of Alain Ducasse was not renewed. I don’t think he regrets giving it up. I have no current info on the food now, suggest checking the menu carefully.

  10. Cooking to a high standard st the Jules Verne is a great challenge. Basically, no gas at all, no stoves up in the air – heavy use of the pkancha. The contract of Alain Ducasse was not renewed. I don’t think he regrets giving it up. I have no current info on the food now, suggest checking the menu carefully.

  11. The catacombs are so cool/interesting! I think you should definitely go some point…it was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for the feedback! I will try to add it to the top of the bucket list for October. 🙂