My First Herb Garden

I can’t think of a better time to learn to garden than this Summer when I am spending more time at home than ever. Since I have been cooking the last three months and using a lot of fresh ingredients, I wanted to grow my own herbs at home. I have been using basil the most for homemade pesto. Honestly, at $10 for two bunches it was getting expensive when I knew I could easily grow it at home.

I ended up finding this garden ladder on Wayfair. It took a few weeks to arrive but it was worth the wait. It is actually really light when you pick it up, less than 10 pounds. Once you add a good amount of dirt to each metal it will sit pretty heavy. You can also tie a rope or string against the wall if you are worried. You can easily have this on your small balcony or patio and save some space.

my first herb garden everyday parisian

I picked up herbs from the local garden store and organic dirt and put this together on a Friday evening. I keep it watered regularly and was careful of what I placed where. The garden center told me that rats hate mint so I put it on the bottom to protect the rest of the herbs. Right now arugula is sitting up top but I may have to change that out. We got a good amount of rain last week and the whole top was flooded with water. I ended up drilling two holes for drainage on the top bin.

my first herb garden everyday parisian

my first herb garden

If you have been following me for a while, you know how much I LOVE jasmine. I am giving it a go in the garden. It was under $30 for this plant and I can take it inside in the Winter.

my first herb garden everyday parisian

Fingers crossed I make a good plant Mom. My Aunt has faith in me and even sent me some seeds to plant flowers. I will keep you posted on the progress of the garden as it grows. Any tips are much appreciated for this beginning gardener.

I am on the hunt for French Herb markers and it looks like I might have to make my own unless anyone has other suggestions.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try growing herbs, but have been afraid because our deck get very hot here in DC area. We have a large jasmine confederate plant in a pot. The fragrance permeates our garden, and we love it. My tip is to fertilize occasionally and protect roots from squirrels with landscape fabric.

    • Thank you, Denise! Let me know if you try the herbs. Basil will do well in the heat as long as you water it well.

      I have jasmine on the back porch but it is moving slowly.

      Keep me posted xo

  2. I loved the blue and white ceramic plant markers and am sooo tempted to purchase them. Then I wondered if a less expensive blue and white thrift store plate, carefully broken into large shards would work? I may have to try this AND purchase the ceramic markers…