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It feels like I haven’t seen the sun since 2017 with all the cold and rainy weather I have experienced in Paris, NYC, and Chicago. This weekend, I am in Florida visiting family and I finally got some sunshine in. We have started a family tradition of strawberry picking this time for the last three years. It was really fun to see my nephew walk the strawberry patch ( age 1 1/2 ) and taste the strawberries. The sun was so hot and we were ready to go after only 45 minutes. We were back in the car and ready for naps by 11 am. We came back with a few pounds of strawberries which we will have fun eating and cooking with over the next week. My sister already put some of the strawberries to good use making strawberry jam. 

Yesterday was National Stripe Day (created by JCrew) and this is what I wore. I had a lot of fun with the holiday and Bobby and Emma even joined in the fun wearing striped bathing suits for the pool. 


The Best Places in The World to Travel if You Love Cheese

Social Media Influencers are so Last Season. A change in Media

In my hunt for a better nights sleep, I have decided it is time to shop for a new bed and mattress. Any suggestions where I start? 

For those of you in Austin, Texas or close by, I just discovered this adorable French restaurant that makes me want to jump on a plane! 

“Phubbing” is hurting your Relationships, this is what it is. (Great article and SO important to remember) 

Are hipsters ruining Paris? What are your thoughts? Take a listen to the Earful Tower

This Paris Cake Topper and Confetti is too cute. 

Appetite for Lyon: Why Parisians are Moving to “the belly of France” 

Amazon and Monoprix Team Up. I LOVE Monoprix (If you haven’t been it is like a French version of Target) 

I bought these Blondo sneakers from Nordstorm last week. They were sold out of my size 8 so I went up size to 8.5. They are so comfortable and perfect for travel or lots of walking. I will be wearing these in Paris in a few weeks. 

How to Get First Class Treatment in Economy. It sounds easier than you think!

22 Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in Paris

The Art of The Parisian Apéro, La Cuisine Paris just added a new class all about Entertaining. Who wants to join me for a class in April? 

How Paris Streets are Changing. More of one thing and Less of This! 

These boxes are so cute, has anyone sent or received one of these?

7 Powerful Books That Show an Authentic, Raw, and Real France

7 Before and After Pics Showing How Paris Changed 100+ Years

Don’t miss the big PRINT SALE in the Paris Print Shop! I only discount my work twice a year and right now it is 40% off for the NO JOKE SALE for April 1. Use SPRINGSALE at checkout. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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