An Exhibition in Paris

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I leave for Paris in exactly one week which means the Paris planning is in full swing. I am sorting out last minute details and arranging meetings for my time in Paris. One of the projects that I will be doing when I am in Paris is putting together an exhibition of my work at Pavillon des Lettres. I loved my stay in October and I was asked by the hotel to show my work. The logistics haven’t been easy, I will save that for another post but I think I have it figured out.

pavillon des lettres paris france hotel

The only challenge now is to decide what to show. I have been shooting Paris for years and I have a few ideas. I thought it would be fun to bring you into the process and let you help choose. The exhibition will be hanging at the hotel for a few months so if you are in Paris, I will share all the details on how you can see it on your next visit.

I have narrowed it down to two options. Paris in the Spring and Paris in Black and White. The photographs will be 12×12 in black frames to give you an idea.

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I have been photographing Paris in the Spring for years and personally love it. Since the Exhibition will be hung mid March this may be more timely.

A lot of people have been asking about the Exhibition. I will know more details on how long it will be up for as soon as I am in Paris. You will be able to stop by the hotel and see the photographs in person if you are in Paris. I am so happy to share this with all of you and for this amazing opportunity.

Please take time to vote in the comments below!!

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  1. Hi Rebecca what ever you decide it will be perfect your photos are gorgeous with that said I love the black and white to me it’s timeless have a wonderful trip in paris can’t wait to see your photos bon voyage

  2. I say do a mix. Depending on how it’s hung you should be able to do small groups of both genre and it will give viewers a better idea of the full breadth of your talent. This is a great opportunity for you. Bonne chance, Rebecca!
    Cece Noll

  3. I’m a big fan of b&w, but with the 4 hours total of January sun in Paris and just how cram
    packed the parks all were over the past two weeks, I’m betting the spring photos would hit the mood. But it can also depend on where the photos will be hung….sometimes the b&w are just more striking. Lots of help I am, right?!

  4. Both collections are stunning. What type of space will they be in? Let that help you decide. Rebecca, you are so talented!

  5. Wow, I’m totally torn, I love them both for pretty much what everyone else has posted. Crisp black and white that your eye sees different detail, but the spring colors are so relaxing and softer than I normally think of spring. The pale pink and golds, warm whites are so relaxing.

  6. I love the black and white, but the color is wonderful for spring. It would probably depend on where in the hotel it will be hanging. You are amazing and I wish for you a marvelous time in Paris!!!

  7. Have a super time in Paris – and may the weather stay warm for you. I think the black and white because they seem more dramatic than the Spring look. I think they would make people passing them in the hotel, stop and take a look. You are a wonderful Black and White photographer, something not everyone can pull off

  8. think the black and white is more stunning. Although the color is "pretty" you will sell more black and white because it is much more versatile in the home

  9. I love both and both will be successful. As for me, it was your Spring photos that first caught my attention a couple of years ago when I started following you. Good luck and have a spectacular time! Kim

  10. Both collections are stunning! I love the color and light of the Spring series but the black and white are striking and draw my attention even more. I say Black and White…Bonne Chance!

  11. I love both collections so much!! But since it’s in a hotel, I think the Black & White collection is the way to go. & in the black frames they will look so sleek.
    Both are great though, so you can’t go wrong with either!

  12. Black and White. More visually interesting and presents an original point of view. The Paris in the Spring collection is pretty but those pictures feel more commonly available anywhere.

  13. Personally, my favorite are the Spring pictures! I think they are so bright and beautiful! However, given you are saying the frames will be black and after looking at pictures of the hotel, my vote would be the Black and White collection. The 12×12 and black frames give the collection such a sharp look and seem like they would go well with the feel of the hotel.

  14. I LOVE the Spring ones myself but the Black and White collection has such unique viewpoints – I think that would do really well in a hotel! It’s like a search-and-find for the guests in Paris. 🙂 Plus it will go with any kind of interior decor the hotel has!

  15. I don’t think you can make a mistake with either. I do think the black and white are more artistic and unusual. We will be in Paris in Apil and will stop by to see them

  16. I vote Paris in the Spring. Also an idea: the spring pictures might look fresh and crisp with a white frame instead of black ones.

    But I agree with Bonny and Dawn. Choose whichever one will compliment the room settings and have the most impact.

  17. They’re both stunning — so hard to choose! I love the black and white ones, though. The contrast is amazing, and I love the retro vibes!

  18. Paris in Spring. Both sets are beautiful but I think the Paris in Spring give me more feeling of actually being in Paris. I was there in November and the weather was cold and gloomy. Maybe that’s why I like the Spring set. I love Paris in the Spring time.

  19. All your photos are stunning, and I really like the selections you’ve made for each grouping. Hard to choose! But I agree with the previous commenter – if you know the decor of the room(s) where your work will be exhibited, go with the one that best fits. I have a feeling the black & white group might be the better choice. They are so timeless and lovely. Congratulations and have a wonderful trip!

  20. Paris in the Spring! I went to Paris for the first time last year in the end of April through the first few days of May and I get to go again this year! Me and my husband are going May 2-9th this time and your spring pictures make me more anxious to see those beautiful sites!

  21. Since I am SO over Winter (it’s been a dreary one) and I’m dreaming of Spring, I choose Spring in Paris! For the record, both groupings are divine.

    Wishing you great success, Rebecca.

  22. Impossible to chose. Do you know where in the hotel your photos will be exhibited? If so, I would chose the group most compatible with that decor. For instance; in that room with the black fireplace and red wall, your black & white photos would look stunning.
    The hotel looks wonderful. It’s going on my list for future visits. Thank you!

  23. I love either Rebecca which ever one you go with it’s going be absolutely beautiful I love love the black and white I think it’s vinttage looking and to me it adds character to any photo it’s timeless !!! Good look on the exhibition which you won’t need you’re going be perfect have a safe flight