5 Brands I Love

image by katie donnelly photography 5 brands I love

I learned a few things while being a nomad. I had one large suitcase that held a 50-pound limit. If it was too heavy or didn’t hold value, I left it behind. Fewer was better. A good quality pair of jeans was more important than three pairs that didn’t fit right or hold up well. These are 5 Brands that I love and buy from on the regular. I am including my favorite products from each brand to make it easy for you to see and shop what I love. Do you have a favorite brand? Comment below and share.

*Note, I do make a small commission off of the links if you purchase something.


Image by Katie Donnelly Photography

Image by Katie Donnelly Photography

I have two favorites from Cuyana that I use on the regular. My top zip tote bag that has been all over the world with me and my travel accessory bags. The travel bags are $120 and make great gifts. I always recommend them for holiday/wedding gifts. You can have them monogrammed too.

I found Cuyana a few years and I have been a loyal fan since. My top zip tote bag is over three years old and still going strong. They continue to put out good quality products that are both stylish and practical.


The original Sézane location is in Paris, but the brand has expanded to NYC and now ships to the United States. The clothes are quality, classic, with a little French twist. Their sweaters have held up year after year and I just got my Sézane coat. It is a lot of fun to visit the location in Paris if you can. Make sure to check the hours since they are closed on certain days during the week. The lines are crazy long to try stuff on so after you know what size you are, it is almost better to buy online. They have free returns.

I wrote this post about Sézane a few years ago which shows more photos of the New York location and some of my favorite items.

wearing a sezane blouse image by Katie Donnelly Photography

wearing a sezane blouse image by Katie Donnelly Photography

For reference, I am a 36 in dresses and tops and a size small in sweaters.


My first Diptyque candle was when I first moved back to Chicago in 2015. I wanted a little part of Paris in my Chicago apartment. The candle was a splurge, but it was worth it. I went for the traditional best-selling Baies which is now finished and sitting on my dresser holding my Sisley makeup brushes. I have since moved onto other favorites including Fig, Tuberose, and Tilleul. (this one reminds me of my trip to Nice with my family this Summer).

They also make great gifts too. I love bringing them as housewarming presents and holiday gift-giving.


I was first introduced to Sisley Paris by a friend of mine in Paris. I have been hooked ever since. Year after year in Paris, I tried new skincare products at the pharmacy. I would keep what I like and buy multiples. My skin has reacted the best to Sisley and it is plant-based. There are benefits to every product even the makeup. You may have heard me rave about the mascara. It has conditioning and fortifying properties that help make your lashes stronger every time you use it. The prices are higher than other brands but a little goes a long way.

5 brands I love sisley paris everyday  parisian

I swear by their eye mask for flying. I wear this gel even for short flights. You can get it in this deal with the eye cream from Nordstrom. I have a backup when my first one runs out.

For makeup, I love their lip twists. I love #22 Burgundy for Fall/Winter and the poppy one #13 for Spring Summer.

Boll and Branch

I discovered Boll and Branch when I first moved back to Chicago. A friend from High School mentioned it to me because the brand was founded by a classmate’s older sibling. The brand is 100% organic and they take pride in making sure the working conditions of the farmers and factory workers are paid and treated fairly.

My bed currently has their white sheets along with their waffle blanket. I swear by their waffle blanket. The texture is great and it keeps me warm in the Chicago cold Winter. Their sheets get softer each time you wash them and I swear by them. They have a 30 day trial period just to make sure you love their products which I am sure you will.

Their blanket is on my wish list for the holidays. They also make a smaller version which makes a great baby gift.

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