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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great rest and you have enjoyed the slowdown. I have enjoyed it almost too much and I am not ready to start back on Monday. Daily naps have become one of my favorite activities and I have stayed in my pajamas until noon with no complaints. I am ready for a restart, a health jumpstart, and a clean slate. I usually don’t make goals until later in January. I am going to approach it differently than in years past because lets be honest, 2020 was hard.

I cleaned out my closet over the holiday, donated clothes, and realized there are a few categories I would be okay with not purchasing in 2021. Bras, underwear, probably workout pants, and skincare. I could make it well into the middle of 2021 without purchasing lotions or serums. The one thing I am missing is a good eye cream. I love the Sisley one, but the price is high and I am looking for something more affordable. I did not love the Caudalie one, so in the theme of clean beauty, I purchased this one from Kiehls. I promise to follow up with feedback.

Enhance your family zoom calls especially with little ones with these ideas. I am going to try this app with Bobby and Emma to do games. We did enjoy watching Soul on Disney Plus together.

This French holiday commercial will have you smiling.

Explore the new Sezane January Collection here

I barely made it through a book in 2020, but the last couple of days I took time off I am about halfway through Mistress at The Ritz, and I will finish in the next week or so.

The link between Covid and sleep

Context Travel is a great resource to learn about Paris and do some virtual cooking. I love this Galette de Rois class happening this Sunday. You can use code EDP10 for 15% off.

Looking to make goals in 2021? I love these Free printables from the Day Designer Planner

I made this Italian Wedding soup recipe and it was one of the best things I made in 2020.

The hottest colors in decor for 2021 according to Apartment Therapy. This one was sent in by my neighbor.

In an effort to drink more water in 2021, I bought this glass water bottle.

Downsize your resolutions for 2021. A great article via NYT

I am a sucker for a cute journal. I start a new one every year. These are adorable. Time to start planning travel for 2021

How to Organize Your Photos (according to the experts) Podcast

An artisan tableware mecca in Paris

How to Set Your Table Like The French

French Etiquette, Myths, and Realities

7 Renovation Trends to Look for in 2021

Cancel New Year’s Eve Forever (it isn’t my favorite holiday)

A new Paris hotel opens in Little India is all about the mix. See the design here.

5 Champagne cocktails for New Years

Why We Make Resolutions (and why they fail)

A clean kitchen is my love language. There is nothing better than going to bed and waking up with a clean kitchen. If you are in the same boat or wish to be, this helpful guide from Apartment Therapy teaches you how to clean your kitchen from top to bottom.

French designer Pierre Cardin dies at age 98 

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  1. I just found your blog Every Day Parisian and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You have so many interesting stories and suggestions. I plan to purchase many of the items you talk about in your blog. I got tears in my eyes watching the "Dancing Dad" commercial- beautiful. I also appreciated the Free Printables- very useful.
    Thank You for having such a GREAT blog!! xo, Donna Rose

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much! The "Dancing Dad" commercial was so great. I am happy you loved it!

      Keep in touch and I hope you enjoy reading. xo

  2. I discovered your blog about a month ago and have been LOVING it! Thank you for sharing such great content. I feel the same way about not needing skincare or loungewear for a looong time. My pajama assortment has never looked so good…For eye creams, if you’re still on the hunt for an affordable clean option, I really like the Follain Eye Cream. It has bakuchiol (clean retinol alternative) and works for me both day and night.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much! I am always on the hunt for clean beauty options. I looked up Follain and it will be my next eye cream purchase. The reviews are great. So far, I am loving the Kiehl’s one I bought.

      I hope you had a good first week of 2021. Keep in touch! xo

  3. The eye cream I buy on repeat is Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle cream. So hydrating, and remains so through the night.

    Agree with you on the Caudalie one. I played with a sample a couple weeks ago. Quite suboptimal. I’m over Caudalie, for the most part ….

    • Hi Marsi,

      Thank you for sharing your favorite eye cream! I will check it out.

      I am sorry you didn’t have very much luck with Caudalie. I think their products can be hit or miss. I do love their night oil and it is affordable.

      Happy New Year and lots of love,

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed the holiday commercial too. Have a great Sunday. xo

  4. Thank you, this is my first time getting your Sunday Links I love. It touched everything! Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you so much, Kelly! I am so happy you enjoyed them. My grandma used to send me newspaper cutouts of articles when I was younger so this is a tribute to her each week ❤️