Links I Love Week 52

I spent a quiet holiday at home. I cleaned out my closet and sent items out for donation. I made this Chocolate cake which I shared with the neighbors. Also, this grinch cocktail from Half Baked Harvest was delicious and spicy. I am scoring an A in naps this week and I am pretty happy with how I have slowed down. I can’t wait for another week of quiet and slow while I plan and dream of 2021. You can see my holiday plans for 2020 here.

How Will We Eat in 2021? This is so interesting. It’s an NYT article but worth it if you save them and don’t have a subscription.

I just started Masterclass and I am fascinated by this sleep series.

Your ‘new normal’ burnout is real

The Nordstrom end of year sale is on! I ordered a new pair of boots, not on sale but essential for the cold winter ahead.

Healthy Soup Recipes

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My Favorite Things of 2020

25 Feel-Good Movies to Watch Again and Again

If you watched The Undoing and saw Hugh Grant play a completely different character, you may appreciate these 10 films where Hugh Grant plays the good guy.

I am playing with the idea of painting a room emerald green. This Farrow and Boll selection has so many great choices.

An $11 Bordeaux and more wine suggestions under $100

I am just seeing this adorable post after the holidays, but if you are still looking for a gift for you or someone else planning a Paris trip in 2021, give an experience gift. There are so many in this roundup!

A few weeks ago, I posted about Hot Chocolate bombs and I have had a request to repost it but I cannot find the link. The NYT posted an article highlighting them. I hope this helps those who have been searching for the original article.

How to make the holidays special at home this season

The Guardian shares a Fizz de Provence cocktail to make

Watch a Christmas concert from Notre Dame in Paris

UPS brought to tears when hundreds of neighbors thank him for his work during the pandemic. If you have been following along on Instagram, I sent my UPS driver home with cookies, a tip, and a card. He is so sweet and really helped me this year.

Vaccine passports may be the future of travel

You will want to see this Parisian refresh from 1960’s to 2020

Time to break out the Lipstick NYT

What resolutions look like in 2021

This mirror is a dupe for my Anthropologie mirror and maybe more affordable. One Kings Lane regularly has discounts if you sign up for their email list.

France rewards frontline immigrant workers with citizenship

I have had an Etsy shop since 2009, with the delays in shipping from USPS, the struggle is real for so many small business owners and the risk of bad reviews.

Kiehl’s is 25% off if you want to stock up before the end of 2020.

Everlane’s sale is here! Before 2020, I rarely if I ever saw them give a discount. This is a great opportunity to pick up a pair of shoes, a sweater, or a coat at a great price.

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  1. Thank you for a full year of Links I Love! It’s such a fun way to start or end a Sunday. Wishing you all the best on 2021!

  2. One of my favorite travel experiences anywhere has been a good tour my sister gifted my husband and I for our honeymoon in Paris with Paris By Mouth! I loved it so much I brought my mom on one a few years later!

    Also, the vaccine passport idea keeps coming up but isn’t new? I have a vaccine passport that was regularly checked when I was traveling through Africa and SE Asia a few years ago. It’s issued by the WHO and stapled into my passport. Digitizing it would be helpful though!

  3. Love this post as always. Any recommendations for a good in shower body oil? Considering the loccitane almond shower oil.