Links I Love Week 16

This week I celebrated my 38th birthday and it snowed twice in Chicago. I got a very sweet birthday present of a new bike which I got to ride once the sun was out yesterday. I baked a carrot cake and made challah for French toast. I fully admit that I am stress baking 🙂

I love this sunflower yellow color I have been seeing everywhere for Spring

Your only goal is to arrive. If you read anything this week from this list. Let this be it. I sent it to my sister. Remember to give yourself grace during this time.

Life in Coronavirus Quarantine: Stories from Paris, Umbria and Tel Aviv

For those of you in Chicago, this is a great resource to find small businesses to support.

This site delivers plants to your home or a friend’s. It also makes a great mother’s day present 

Marking the Notre-Dame Fire in a Locked Down Paris

For all you parents out there, cookie monster is hosting a weekly snack chat for kids that are stuck at home.

The Ultimate Francophile Reading List

A Paris Without People Watching

One of my favorite brands is Cuyana. I love this article on them. Cuyana slows down, Invests in Care Products and Longevity

How to Frenchify Your Living Room

In case you missed it, Airlines are now required to issue refunds for flights canceled due to coronavirus

This Cuisinart is one of my favorite kitchen items. It is only $100 and I have been using it so much for homemade sauces.

Marie Antoinette’s Private Garden at Versailles is Being Restored

Readers went crazy for this Eiffel Tower Le Creuset mug. It matches the red coffee cups I have and I might need it. 😉

10 Products to Help You Master French Cooking During the Quarantine

Paris to Amsterdam in 90 minutes?

A very sweet reader sent me this fun cooking Virtual Tour de France. The classes are limited to 8 people per class and will take place on Saturdays 6-8 pm France time. There is a fun menu for each week all the way through the middle of June! The recipes will be sent out in advance.

The $250 cookie. This made me laugh!

My favorites from Caudalie that I snatched up from the sale.

The ultimate guide to spending an evening in Paris from your home

I have been collecting candles for a few years now and only burning them on special occasion or when I am cleaning at home and want to feel good. Now I am burning through my candle supply during quarantine. It makes me feel good to burn while I am working away at the computer or the end of the day.

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  1. I completely agree about burning candles! I am now working from home for the first time in 17 years and i really look forward to selecting a candle to burn each day!