The Paris Diaries Spring March Day 4

I set off for Rue Cler early in the morning for a baguette. The rain had finally stopped and there was a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds. I wanted to make the most of the sun while we had it in Paris. I decided to leave my DSLR back at the apartment and take my Fuji for a spin. It is so much lighter than lugging around all my lenses. It only has one lens and it is still an adjustment to use. I can use my DSLR in my sleep. All of these images in this post were shot with the FUJI and are for sale in The Print Shop. It is really easy to keep everything organized in my Cuyana bag and I love that is has a top zip for keeping everything safe when I am out and about.

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I had a last minute plan to meet my friend Leah for a stroll on the Left Bank. She lives close to Rue Cler so I trusted her to give me a tour around the neighborhood. Since I typically spend a lot of my time on the Right Bank in The Marais, I was open to exploring. I was also looking for blossoms. It was March but the weather was unseasonably warm for 10 days before I arrived, so I was hopeful!

First thing first was coffee. Since the spot I knew in the neighborhood was closed all week, we found ourselves at Coutume. I was just here the other day when meeting my friend Katie.

coutume coffee paris france everyday parisian

Banana Bread is all the rage in Paris so I was curious to try it out here. I will admit, I haven’t found one I love. My sister makes an amazing banana bread (you will have to ask her for the recipe) and I have to say David Lebovitz has the great easy recipe if you are looking for one.

the paris diaries march day 4

the paris diaries spring march day 4

If you want my full list on Coffee Spots in Paris you can check out this post.

Coutume does carry oatmilk which they were kind enough to give me an oat milk latte to go on the house as I left. I didn’t think it really hit me between the two lattes but Leah pointed out later I was talking faster than normal. Ooops!

the paris diaries spring march day 4

Don’t let the blossoms fool you. I was wearing a leather coat, sweater, scarf and boots. It was still nice to see the Spring blossoms out.

We made our way towards Rue de Grenelle with no real purpose in mind. It was still sunny so we were enjoying it as much as possible.

Leah introduced me to this adorable Cheese Shop on Rue de Grenelle. I would have never passed it if she hadn’t pointed it out.

We ended up at the newly opened Beaupasage Pierre Hermé for pastries and tea. I had my fill of coffee and it was way past my cutoff time of noon.

The photographs in this post are all available for purchase in The Print Shop here. This is a great way to support me and the blog! Merci

We sat outside and the skies opened up with a big downpour of rain. We were able to grab a spot at the bar inside where we finished our pastries and waited for the rain to clear.

pierre herme macaron beaupasage

When it comes to macarons in Paris, Pierre Hermé is my top choice. I love the passion fruit with chocolate but they also have very fun seasonal flavors. There are more locations than ever so don’t miss out on a box of these on your next visit.

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. I make a small commission if you purchase something from this post! Merci in advance.

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