The Packing Essentials for Paris in the Fall

fall louvre in paris Packing Essentials for Paris in the Fall

I have been getting a lot of messages from readers asking about the weather in Paris and what to pack for Fall. People are struggling with footwear (boots vs loafers) and jackets. I hope this helps answer questions and prepare you on what to pack as the city transitions from Indian Summer to full-on Fall in Paris.

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red coat paris france image by katie donnelly of rebecca plotnick everyday parisian

From early Fall to the middle of Fall. You can get away with a trench coat, leather jacket, or long duster. As the weather transitions. I recommend bringing a wool coat. I made the mistake and ended up buying a Sandro coat a few years ago. This year, I will be bringing my new Sézane coat. I have been waiting to break it out since Summer.

Basic T-Shirt/Cami for Layering

The weather can be cold and damp in the late Fall and into Winter. It is always good to dress in layers. I love bodysuits and camis for under sweaters. The new French look is to style a t-shirt under a blazer. A classic white t-shirt can be found just about anywhere. There are great options at JCrew and Everlane for under $25.


Now that you have the perfect t-shirt. Layer up with a classic navy, black or plaid (if you are feeling fancy) blazer. I brought a navy one to Paris this Spring and loved wearing it.

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography


I always recommend one “café sweater” for Paris. By café sweater, I mean one large chunky knit for sitting at a café on a terrace for extended people-watching on a rainy day. I bought his one from Free People in red and plan on wearing it in November.


If you forget to pack one, you can easily pick one up at Galleries Lafayette. This will bring you for some of the best views of the city and they also offer free ice skating from late November through December for Christmas. The scarf is the essential Parisian accessory. Even in the Summer, you will see a light scarf tied around the neck.

Button Down Blouse

Pair a button down blouse with your perfect pair of denim for a meeting or date night. I always like to pack one classic white button down blouse in my suitcase because you never know when you might need it. Even when I am very jet lagged, it can make me feel put together.


My grandma would not approve, but you can pretty much wear denim anywhere these days. Dress up a pair of jeans with a pair of heels or booties. I pack three pairs of jeans for a week in Paris to rotate. I do dress up on the plane with one pair and will pack dark denim and black denim along with a medium wash. I don’t love the lighter washes but that is just a personal preference.

I have also started to wear higher rise jeans. I have a long torso so it works for me. I have a few pair of Madewell jeans and love them. They hold up well and don’t stretch out too much between washes.

Midi Dress

The midi trend is around and here to stay. Long midi coats were everywhere last Winter and skirts and dresses are continuing with the midi length. I am 5’7” and still think the midi length looks terrible on me. I wish I could pass it off. I do love the pleated midi skirts in every color.

Tote Bag

By now you know I love my Cuyana bag. It is the perfect day out bag for Paris. Plus, the top zipper is essential for safety in Paris. You can see everything I carry in a day out in Paris in this post.

Booties/Over the Knee Boots

Photo by Katie Donnelly

Photo by Katie Donnelly

Last October, I saw a girl riding an electric scooter with over the knee boots on. I tried to snap a photo but she moved by pretty quickly. The trends we get in the US come from Europe, I like to think if I find a trend in Paris I know it will be around for at least another year or two. Over the Knee Boots are here to stay. I love mine and have already worn them a few times this Fall.

When it comes to boots, I always recommend Blondos. They are comfortable walking shoes for all over Paris and the fact that they are waterproof means you will never be caught out in the rain with wet feet. They are stylish and the price point is under $200. I have been buying them for years and mine from 4 years ago have still held up all this time.


Even in the Fall/Winter you can expect a little bit of sun in Paris and sunglasses are a great Parisian accessory. I personally love Jimmy Fairly. They are the Warby Parker of France and donate a pair to someone in need for each pair sold. Their sunglasses are priced around 100 euros. I had a favorite pair from here and lost them at a café so I replaced them. They have stores all over Paris and make a perfect souvenir to take home which won’t take up too much space in your bag.

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      Honestly, I have not been to the outlets or have I heard anything about them.

      Good luck with your search!

  1. My husband and I are traveling to Paris (for the first time) at the end of November. Your post is very helpful, so I know what to pack. I’m also reading your other posts to find out what we must do in Nov/Dec. So excited!!

    • Hi Michele,

      That is so exciting! I hope you have the best time. Make sure to pack layers and a good scarf. It is cold but still lovely! Check out the Christmas markets. I am working on a post for you. Stay tuned!.