Links I Love Week 52

If you were up early Sunday morning looking for links, I will admit they are a little late. I am slowing life down for the rest of the year and I am on a beach in Mexico. I am doing my best (while it isn’t easy) to unplug, rest and recharge for 2020. I would love your help kicking off the next year in the best way. Each year, I do an end of the year Reader Survey. It takes 5 minutes and really helps me get an idea of what you are loving on the blog and want to see more of. You can fill it out here. Merci and Bonne Année.

13 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2020

Where to Go in February According to Town and Country Magazine

My Brother in Law introduced me to this mug and I am hooked. I am ordering one for myself.

I made this roast chicken for my family over Christmas break.

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Thanks to readers in NYC, I learned Angelina is coming early next year. A little more Paris in NYC. The two spots are trading places as there are a lot of New York influences in Paris culture and food right now.

While in Florida with my family, we binged watched Season 3 of Mrs. Maisel. My Dad even joined in this time and loved it. I think he is so much like Abe. If you want to know all the details behind the fabulous apartment, you can read it in this post.

Sur La Table is having crazy sales on Le Creuset. I bought my first and second pot this year. I can’t wait to make soup in this one for the cold days ahead in Chicago.

For American Homebuyers, Paris has a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Some of my best selling prints will go into The Vault as part of The Vault Collection at the end of 2019. Including the Hall of Mirrors and Love Wall.

For those of you looking for good Jazz in Paris. This handy map from La Cuisine will get you all set.

15 Hidden Spots in Paris only Locals Know About

Paris Pension Protests Continue over the holidays.

How Bike Lanes are Transforming Paris

The Best Baking Cookbooks of 2019

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