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summer in Paris France

Happy Long Weekend! It is Labor Day in the States, which is the end of Summer holiday. I had plans to spend the weekend with my family in Florida celebrating my niece and nephew’s birthday but due to the hurricane, the trip was cancelled. I am spending the long weekend in Chicago having a slow weekend. How are you spending the long weekend?

6 Things the Chicest French Chef Has in Her Kitchen

The Secret Language of Florals (this one was sent in from my aunt. Thanks Aunt C xo)

10 Things to do in Paris with Kids

For Restaurants, French is the New French

The Perfect French Baguette via BBC

The One Jacket You Need for Paris

36 Hours in Rennes and St. Malo I have wanted to visit St. Malo since reading ‘All the Light We Cannot See.’

Save the Date Chicago friends! Diptyque will be hosting my 3 year blog anniversary party. Invitation to Follow for those who signed up.

save the date anniversary party

Get ready to fall in Love with this Seaside City in Southern France

I want a pair of these comfy drawstring pants for home. They come in multiple colors.

How to Entertain Like a French Woman

The Joys of a Quiet Paris

The Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Paris

A Day in Monaco

If you have Hulu, there is a series called “Meet Me in Paris” it looks really cute for preteens and teens.

I just this Lou and Grey Jumper on Sale. It won’t arrive in time for Florida but I still have a few weeks to get use out of it.

Rick Steves Gives Great Advice After Being Pick Pocketed in Paris

My Top 10 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel

I have been living in these sandals ALL Summer. This unexpectedly split in half and Everlane replied to my email and replaced them within an hour. I am a customer for life.

11 Beautiful Bookstores in Paris Every Book Lover Needs to Visit

Blondo has a Slouch Boot (the next big boot trend) and I am in love!!

How Single Women are Changing the US Economy

This cookie change my life. My cousin brought me a Lavain cookie. Where have you been all my life? Right now they are only in NYC. But I hear they are coming to Chicago soon!

lavain cookie

This post includes affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

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