Links I Love Week 32

I am home in Chicago for the weekend and the weather has been beautiful. I haven’t had a night in all week and I have no complaints. I have met up with friends, dinner out on a terrace and enjoyed long walks and drinks in my neighborhood. I celebrated my friend Marc and Jennifer’s 20th Wedding Anniversary. I wore a similar version to this dress and these shoes. It was a fun occasion to dress up.

Paris’s First Floating Art Museum Opens and It is Completely Free

House Hunting in… France

11 Lingerie Brands All French Women Swear By

I recently had the best sleep I can remember while traveling in Amsterdam and I am convinced it is the pillows. They are a steep price of $250 per pillow. I am on the hunt for something similar but not so expensive. These are half the price and get great reviews. Does anyone have a favorite pillow?

The 10 Best Cheeses to Buy at Trader Joe’s According to Experts via Food and Wine

Visit Paris: Where to Drink Now

I am trying to make use of all the Summer clothes in my closet before Fall comes. This means finally wearing my white jeans. I haven’t really worn pants all Summer. Thank goodness they still fit!

Paris’ Overcrowded Louvre to make reservations compulsory

4 Easy Ways to Bring French Cool Girl to Your Home 

This Fig Caprese Salad Sounds Amazing

I Took Morning Phone Breaks and I am a Happier Person

Why the French Love to Say No

I purchased this book on a recommendation from a friend and now I am telling everyone I meet to read it. Single or Taken. It is so important to read and understand how you communicate and receive love.

Where to Eat and Drink in Paris on a Budget

Can Britain’s Top Bookseller Save Barnes and Noble’s?

10 French Films and Series to Watch on Netflix this Summer

Maison Kaysesr Bakeries are Closing in the DC Area. They are keeping the 17 NYC Locations Open. I really wish they would come to Chicago.

The SIM card I use for all of my European Travels. This was requested by a friend so I am adding it again just in case you missed it.

These sandals have become my go to shoes for the Summer. I wouldn’t recommend them for long walks like I am used to but I wore them this week to walk to dinner downtown and home with no complaints.

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13 Ways to Get the Relationship You Want

Paris Gets a New Boutique Hotel, Sinner, In the Marais

Book a Night at Sinner Here

After Paris’s Clown Bar, A Second Act

Steal these Design Ideas from 7 Paris Hotels

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  1. Hi — I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased the Orange Holiday SIM card via Amazon. We traveled for two weeks in the Basque Country, the Bordeaux area, a couple of days in the Loire Valley, and a final night in Roissy. So, two weeks using a SIM card with 20 GB of data for USD 45. It worked like a champ. Coverage was primarily 4G, put it worked well enough for Google Maps, checking weather and email. Compared to our AT&T coverage at $60 for 1GB data, the Orange card was a no brainer. One item to mention however is that you have to swap out SIM cards and those little guys have a tendency to flip around all over the place. So, I would suggest not swapping cards on the plane. Work on a flat surface, go slow, focus through the jet lag, and tape your old card (which you will need again) to something that you can find in your luggage later. 🙂

    • Duane,

      Great point that the little guys flip everywhere. I tried to switch my SIM in a park in London earlier this year and I lost it. I used my earing to pop out the SIM and I spent 30 minutes searching for both on the ground of the park. I will never do that again. I usually put a little tape inside the card to keep it in place. I am so happy to hear it worked out well for you. I hope you had a great trip!