Notes from Paris 2

paris france eiffel tower view

When I researched for my trip to Paris this Spring at Le Cinq Codet, I knew I would be close to the Eiffel Tower. I always plan a walk to see her sparkle at least once every trip. Since I was starting my trip here, I assumed I would walk over after dinner my first night.  I checked into my room and I was given the biggest birthday surprise of my own private terrace and view of the Eiffel Tower. I arrived back in the room after dark after meeting a friend and I walked out onto the terrace to admire this very special view to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. I was very happy to share a little preview on stories. Did you know the Eiffel Tower sparkles every hour on the hour for 5 minutes after dark? 

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  1. Merci for sharing, Rebecca. I am always amazed how every trip to Paris ends up better than my last. I’m sure you are finding that too. The city incessantly produces beautiful things–just waiting to be discovered. Can’t wait to read about all you’ve discovered this time. Enjoy :-).