A recap of My First Event in NYC

new york city skyline from lower east side

This past week has been on fast forward. So much has happened in just one blink. Some weeks are slower than others. I should remind myself to enjoy those weeks more. I wrapped up my Summer show on Wells Street and Tuesday I left for NYC. My family always jokes that I always visit on the hottest and coldest days of the year. I apologize I should have warned you. As I landed in NYC the pilot said the air temperature was 99 degrees. We sat on the runway with little to no air for about an hour before finally getting off. 

I spent Wednesday exploring the Lower East Side where I was staying and enjoying a few coffee spots along my walk. It had cooled down a bit but it was still pretty humid. I promise to do a recap of where I ate and drank (coffee) along with my favorite new discoveries in an upcoming post. A huge thank you to those people who wrote in with restaurant suggestions and places for coffee or sweets in NYC. I am fairly certain I ate my way through NYC like the hungry caterpillar.

ladurée soho new york city

The Event: 

The event was hosted at Ladurée Soho in the garden. It was decorated with green chairs that will take you back to Luxembourg Gardens in Paris and twinkle lights in the trees. It was the perfect backdrop for a Garden Soirée. I hosted with Ann Mah of “Master The Art of French Eating” Angie Niles “Bright Lights Paris” Amy Thomas “Paris My Sweet” and Kristen Beddard “Bonjour Kale” 

There were a few questions from some of the guests so I will try to address them here so everyone can read. 

How do we all know each other? The Paris expat community is quite small so we all have friend’s in common that have connected us in some way. If I can think off the top of my head we have Jane from La Cuisine Paris and Lindsay Tramutta of “The New Paris” all in common as friends. 

Did we all live in Paris at the same time?  Some of us may have overlapped for a brief period but for the most part, we all lived in Paris at separate times. But I am really grateful that our mutual love for Paris brought us together for this event and everyone that attended.

ladurée macarons

ladurée soho new york city garden

ladurée soho macarons

francophile book club books

Fancy cocktails were in hand with rose petals and bubbles keeping cool in the Summer heat. But to be honest it wasn’t about the macarons, the setting or the cocktails. I didn’t take a single photo until about 8 pm. The event was all about the people. You all traveled from Queens, Jersey, Uptown, and Midtown. You took time out of your Summer in NYC to spend a few hours with us and for that, I am truly grateful.

rebecca plotnick photograph by katie donnelly

Events are hard especially when you don’t know anyone. There is that awkward feeling of being out of your comfort zone. Do you make small talk with the person next to you or do you just stand there? Thank goodness for our phones because let’s be honest they add an instant comfort when you are waiting for a friend or trying to kill time. 

During my speech I mentioned, we might be all strangers but we have something in common: either you follow the blog (thank you!) or you are friends with one of the authors or have read their books or follow them on social media. Above everything, it is pretty safe to say we all love Paris in one way or another. I hope this helped break the ice with a stranger at the event. While I really wanted to meet all of you I also wanted you to have the opportunity to meet a new friend, a friendly hello in the neighborhood or a new coffee date. 

For everyone, I had the chance to speak to at the event I am so happy we met and had the time to chat. I wish I had time to talk to you all longer. For those of you who were too shy or time didn’t allow I hope we meet again in the future. I have had requests from readers in LA and Boston so far that are hoping for a meetup. Please feel free to comment below and tell me where you follow from. It really is important for me to connect offline and build a community.

This weekend I hope to catch up on sleep a bit and get organized. I have a big trip coming up next Friday! What are your plans this weekend? Do you have any Summer trips? 

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    • Maria! I am hoping to make a Miami meetup happen. Most likely over the holidays when I am down visiting family 🙂

  1. How lovely. I haven’t been to NYC in a few years, and am hoping to get back sometime soon. Following your blog from Sacramento, CA! We have a wonderful community of French ex-pats and Francophiles here. And the macarons from our hometown girl Ginger Elizabeth are stunningly good!

    • Hello Dawn,

      Thank you! I am so happy to hear from you and I love knowing where you are following from. I have never been to Sacramento. I am hoping to plan a meetup in California soon. I will check out Ginger Elizabeth and her macarons. Any other favorite spots in your area?

  2. It sounds like a lovely time! I second the Boston suggestion, as I live not to far from there. 😉
    I’m slowly discovering the Frenchie things in this area. 🙂

    • Hi Alyssa!

      It has been years since I have been to Boston. Maybe this Autumn? Please let me know what you discover and I am happy to share.

      Have a great weekend!