My Holiday Plans 2017

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography

When it comes to the last day before “holiday break” it never quite feels the same as it did in school. I remember the days when you watched the clock until the bell rang and then it was freedom. No homework and no early wake ups. Now that I am an adult, on the day ticking down to “holiday break” and I just want to curl up and take a nap. As a solo entrepreneur, my job is never quite done. I always make the joke, “If I don’t work, I don’t make money, and if I don’t make money, I can’t eat, and I LOVE to eat” I am extremely lucky to love what I do every single day but, everyone needs a day off once in a while.

I booked a ticket to Florida as it is now tradition that we all get together as a family for the holidays. This includes my divorced parents, sister, brother in law, my niece and nephew, oh yeah and Dad’s new girlfriend.  Let me say that my ticket to Florida over the holidays was just about as much as my ticket to Paris in January. I had one request to my sister before I booked my ticket, “Please take my phone away for 24 hours” she told me that was easy. Over Thanksgiving, I felt so guilty working constantly as my busy season started. Bobby (age 15 months) followed me around the house and even sat next to me while I worked, Emma brought her “computer” next to me so she could “check her messages” I see more and more how impressionable they are at this age. I promised them I would be the fun Auntie when I came home for Christmas. Which means more books and less time on phones/computers. 

Since I am flying on Christmas Eve and it is not direct, I will be flying most of the day. I arrive just in time for dinner and then bed. While I really want to make Christmas cookies this year, I probably won’t just because of time. We may end up making them with the kids a few days after Christmas because Emma loves to bake. I honestly just want to snuggle with the kids in our pajamas until it is time for dinner. I got the kids matching pajamas! I really wanted a pair for me too, but they sold out. I do have these from JCrew that I love. 

We really don’t have any set plans the whole time I am away which is almost two weeks. I have a few blog posts to write and I will be catching up on my reading. I have a new book club book to choose. My Dad’s birthday is new years eve so we always go out for a big family brunch. 

My holiday plans aren’t super exciting just sleeping and spending time with family, but I really need the down time. One thing my sister, brother in law and I do is catch up on movies. We watch one almost every night I am home. Any recommendations for movies? I just watched “The Holiday” and will hopefully watch “Love Actually” on the flight as my yearly tradition.

Oh and one last thing, for someone that doesn’t have a boss or any employees I always feel a little down at the Holidays when people are getting Christmas Bonus checks and Holiday Parties. So I decided to give myself a little bonus this year… Paris, January 2018. It is just a quick trip, but this is just for me. I plan to do some goal setting, croissant and coffee research, and most importantly I am shooting new photographs. My Christmas wish is SNOW in Paris but not until January. I will share more about My Paris Agenda early next year. 

Links I Love will be up as planned on Sunday and they will highlight some French Christmas traditions and if you are in Paris a few tips for spending the Holidays in the city of Lights. 

What are your holiday plans? 

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  1. I hope your travels today go smoothly today. Your holiday plan sounds PERFECT. And I’m looking forward to following along on your Paris adventure next month. Thank you for all of your blog and IG posts, they’ve truly brightened my year. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and every happiness in 2018! 🎄🥂🎄🥂🎄🥂

  2. Happiest Christmas to you, Rebecca! If this counts as a bonus ~ you are loved by your customers and the Joy your photographs bring!

    • Sara! You are the absolute sweetest! Happy Christmas to you and your whole family. Wishing you all the best in 2018. xo