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The question I get asked most often is: If I want to buy a camera what should I buy?

I started with Canon years ago. For a DSLR you can either go Canon or Nikon. It is similar to Mac or PC. They are relatively the same but operate a little differently. I stick to Canon because I have loved my experience with them and I know how to use their cameras. I have never had a problem and will continue to use them in the future!

When I first started my business I had just lost my job and was on unemployment. I had very little money and I had to account for rent, insurance, and food on top of everything. I gave up taking taxis and going out drinks with friends. I saved up enough money for my first DSLR camera which was a Canon XSi. The camera came with two lenses an 18 – 55mm lens and a 55 – 250mm. Honestly, this got me through a lot of my first years shooting. Its so light weight and it works really well. If you are looking for an entry level camera and not sure how to use the basics I highly recommend a canon in this series

I held onto this camera for a while but eventually switched over and upgraded my camera and lenses. I shoot in RAW since I sell my work this helps keep my files in the highest resolution and quality for printing large. I currently shoot with a Canon 70D and my favorite lenses are the 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. These are all fixed lenses which means it’s a bit of a learning curve knowing where to stand when you are shooting your subject. There is no zoom so you have to step forward or back to get what you want in the frame. My next camera is going to be a 5d mark iii hopefully later this year. Birthday present ideas 😉


As far as a camera bag I know there are some great ones on the market but I typically will throw everything my Longchamp or Madewell bag depending on the city. In Paris, it is so important to keep everything closed up for safety. My Cuyana Classic Leather Zip Bag is perfect for Paris.  I prefer not wearing a camera bag because it just isn’t my style. Until someone makes a fashion camera bag I will stick to these bags!


If you have any questions about cameras ask away!


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  1. Hello Rebecca,

    I have a Cannon EOS Rebel T6 which came with the 18-55mm and 75-300mm lenses. Both are good, but not great for portraits or wide angle shots. I see that you added 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses. Do you have some guidelines for when you use each? Thank you, Carla

    • Hi Carla,

      I have been shooting so much with the 35mm and 50mm that my eye knows which to use and where to stand for each focal point. I think it just takes trial and error and understanding what perspective you want. My canon is what I have been using for so long that I just know from memory. Keep playing around with the lenses you have and get a sense of which focal length you use most often. That will help narrow it down!

  2. Hello,

    Would you still recommend these cameras? This post is a little over 4 yrs. old, and I know there may be some significant advancements since then. Thanks

  3. Bonjour Rebecca! Great website! We are travelling to Paris this summer. Can’t decide between nimble (Fujifilm X100F), flexible (Fujifilm XPro2) or serious (Fujifilm GFX50s). Any thoughts? A blog post about common/unique photography manners while in Paris would be awesome. Also thoughts on safety/security with a camera would be cool too. I’d also be interested in your thoughts about meeting and visiting with locals in a friendly and non-threatening way. Yes, some of this stuff is common sense but I thought you might have some unique local knowledge. Merci beaucoup, a bientot.

  4. Hi Rebecca
    What’s your opinion on a Bridge camera to start off with as it has a built in lens?
    Would you advise novices to go on a basic photography course?
    DSLR camera’s sound so complicated and I heard that the lenses supplied are not always that great so it’s best to purchase separately however, for a new blogger who wants to take decent photos close up from far away or take close ups of food, is a DSLR really necessary or best to stick to a good quality bridge? If so, can you recommend any good ones under £1,000 GBP.

    • Hi Helen,

      I found a few options for you as a bridge camera if that is easiest for you. Kit lenses aren’t the best and then it gets expensive!

      Can I shoot you an email with options?