Paris Diaries : No 3

Paris Metro @rebeccaplotnick

I have arrived in Paris! The flight was easy besides the fact that I didn’t sleep a wink. I arrived to my hotel earlier than the check in time so I was set off to explore a bit. I needed a coffee and all the good places by me weren’t open yet because of the time. Telescope and Café Kitsuné are both close to where I am staying and I highly recommend checking them out. 

I found myself through Palais Royal which is one of my favorite places in Paris. It was cold and damp from yesterday’s rain and since it was early the city was nearly empty. Perfect for a morning walk I just needed to bundle up to keep warm. 

Paris Palais Royal @rebeccaplotnick

Palais Royal Paris

Palais Royal @rebeccaplotnick

From Palais Royal I then met a friend for a coffee and a market stroll in a new neighborhood. I finished the night with drinks on île st louis at the St Regis and a classical concert on the left bank. I am not sure how I am still awake right now. Tomorrow is going to be 72 degrees and Sundays in Paris are my favorite! 

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  1. Delighted that you arrived safe and sound. How beautiful your photographs are and I love to explore places when there are few others around. I have a feeling you shall sleep well tonight. Bonne nuit!

    • Thank you! I love photographing when the rest of the city is sleeping. I feel like the city is all mine.

  2. I just got back home from Paris two days ago. Beautiful city and it wasn’t cold. I miss Paris already. Love to read your blog… good job.

    • so happy to hear the weather wasn’t too terrible. We have been really lucky with the weather the last couple of days. Yesterday was perfect! Thank you so much for reading!