What I Will Bring to 2021

2020 wasn’t all bad. There are a lot of habits I would like to break (biscotti with my morning coffee) but also a lot I would like to continue into 2021. Here is a short list of what I will bring to 2021.

How about you? Do you have a habit or routine you would like to continue?

Supporting small businesses online and especially in my neighborhood is important.

Tea Time. I put this into my day once the colder days arrived and I love the break in the workday at home.

My appreciation for my family. We aren’t perfect. But I love them more than anything.

Slowing down and staying home. NYE at home was perfect.

Pajama days. Matching pajamas are the best!

My French practice. I have been going strong since the 100-day challenge and I intend to continue until I am back in Paris again.

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