Travel Essentials for Long Flights

travel essentials for long flights. what to pack for the plane for Paris, France

Travel Essentials for Long Flights
Travel Essentials for Long Flights

Over the years, I have flown a good amount of miles. I fly domestically to see my family in Florida around 4 times a year and 2 times to see my Dad in Ohio. I also fly internationally for work a few times a year. I have gotten into a good flying routine and I always end up bringing the same things in my carry on.

I thought sharing this might help you with your packing list for your next trip.

I always carry my Cuyana bag on with me. It has more passport stamps than I did before I turned 21. I love that it zips at the top to keep all my valuables safe. I recently added the organizational insert and it helps keep a spot for everything. I can also keep my laptop in its own separate spot where it won’t get damaged. This is by far one of the favorite things I own.

I love to workout before heading out on a long flight. This helps my muscles not cramp up as much and I don’t feel guilty eating bad salty plane food. I try to stay hydrated as much as possible on long flights. A flight attendant once told me it was the key to beating jet lag. I will usually drink 8 – 10 glasses of water. Bringing a refillable water bottle really helps cut down on waste. The flight attendants are happy to refill it because it makes their job easier. I usually make friends with the flight attendants and bring them something sweet for long flights.

Since my skin is dry and flying only dries it out more, I will use a face mask when I fly. There are two really great ones depending on your budget. The Sisley Black Rose mask and the Caudalie Hydrating Mask. I put a thick layer on and rub it in so you can’t see that I am wearing it. It sits like a thicker moisturizer. It gets really dry under my eyes so I use this Eye Mask from Sisley. A little goes a long way and I have had the same tube for a year and a half. It comes out as a cool gel. I wear a sleep mask on the plane so I don’t really worry about how it looks. 

I pack all my toiletries and makeup in these Cuyana bags. I have tried so many travel bags over the years and these are my favorite. I like the big one for toiletries/skincare and the smaller one for makeup (I don’t wear much)


When I asked my sister what the one thing she had to pack for the plane, her answer was the same as mine, “something to keep me warm.” It made me laugh because it is so true. My aunt gave me a cashmere scarf that can easily be used as a blanket. I bring it on every international flight even in the Summer. It keeps me warm and it is a nice comfort knowing something she gave me is traveling with me. I can’t find the exact brand but this is similar and on sale. It folds up easily in my Longchamp when traveling.

Inspiration for future blog posts can strike at any moment. I have a notebook for each project in my bag. I love these from Rifle Paper Co because they have different colors in the set. I buy a new set of 3 each year and use them for planning. They aren’t heavy and easily fit in my Cuyana.

I love reading on flights but I will never pass up the opportunity for a movie or two on a long flight. I don’t watch TV or movies much at home so this is a great time to catch up. I pack my own headphones that I love. These are comfortable and fold up really well into my travel bag.

Since my phone is nearly dead before landing, I always pack an extra charger for my carryon. This makes it easy to plug into my seat or external charger so I can make sure I am fully charged and ready to go explore.

I knew I was forgetting something when I was putting this together. Bioderma wipes are essential for taking off makeup and feeling refreshed after landing. I always pack a pack for takeoff and landing. I brush my teeth the minute I get through Passport control and will wash my face with these. 

travel essentials for long flights

travel essentials for long flights by everyday parisian

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    • Hi Pearl,

      With my experience, it will still feel like Summer. I would pack layers just in case since the nights will be cooler. Sweaters, scarves, t-shirts, button downs and tanks should be ok!

      I will work on a blog post for this one soon! Great idea

  1. I always carry a change of nickers and a t/shirt. I have my medications (they take up a huge amount of space, one of the unfortunate things about having chronic illness) Makeup is in my other bag however I always have a lip cream and a moisturizer. Hand wipes….a magazine…couple of paleo bars…phone charger and cords…my camera…

  2. I also always have antibiotic wipes for use on the plane tray, armrests and my hands as well as Evian spray to refresh my face as it gets dry from the airplane air.

    • Yes! My aunt and uncle do the same thing. I try to carry those with me and wipe down as soon as I get situated especially the plane tray.

  3. I am moving to the UK next week and this list is going to be my go-to for the plane ride over! Thank you so much for the suggestions!

  4. I just got home from a wedding anniversary trip to San Francisco, and the Cuyana toiletries bags were a special treat to buy at their showroom in Union Square. I got them in Blush and had them monogrammed while I waited. They are so nice and hold a lot.

    I like your list and would only add a good hand cream, my Kindle, and my knitting (if I’ve got a project going).

    I’ve travelled a ton this year and am secretly relieved to have nothing planned until February or so. For one thing, I am having hip surgery the week after next and look forward to focusing on recovering and getting stronger with PT.

    • Did you get the new blush pink? I am so jealous! I love my black but that blush is just so pretty!

      Hand cream is a great addition to the list. Can you knit leg warmers? 🙂 I have been looking for a pair for dance class.

      Good luck with the surgery. My Mom just had hip surgery and the recovery time was faster than expected. She really healed great with PT. Keep me posted on everything! xo

  5. Bioderma wipes are my favorite! I used to carry back from France multi packs but now you can purchase on amazon.

    I like to bring my own packets of tea on the plane as well. Sometimes long flights upset the tummy and sipping an herbal tea really helps.

    • Yes! I thought I was the only person that carried tea sachets with them for this exact reason. What is your favorite tea?

      • Mighty Leaf mint tea is my regular go to at a reasonable price. I also love the Fortnum & Mason herbal teas. Apricot, Honey, & Lavender is delicious!

        • Apricot, Honey and Lavender sounds amazing. I do a lot of herbal tea and fruit infusions. I can’t leave Paris without a stop at Palais de thès or Mariage Frères.