The Paris Diaries Fall Day 2

the paris diaries fall day 2 everyday parisian fall in Paris

Paris was dressed up for Fall but it certainly didn’t feel like it. Temperatures were in the 80’s for the first few days of my trip. I wore a JCrew dress and my Blondo flats for my first meeting of the day. I brought my leather jacket but quickly learned it was way to warm for a jacket. I always like to leave early because I never know what will catch my eye along the way.

I took a quick stop for a croissant at Utopie and a coffee in the neighborhood before arriving at Buly on Rue de Saintonge.

boulangerie Utopie

the paris diaries by everyday parisian

I was happy to discover a new (to me) market just steps from the Boulangerie. I took a quick look and was on my way making a note to visit again another time.

I arrived at Buly and enjoyed a café crème at the bar before taking a tour through the stores products. I wanted to steal this girl’s look from head to toe.

the paris diaries fall day 2

the paris diaries fall day 2 everyday parisian

I explored my old neighborhood and favorite street Rue de Bretagne which was right around the corner. I was sad to see it has lost some of its charm. There was a Ladurée that now replaced an old antique shop that sold way too many sunglasses and my old greek store was now closed.

the paris diaries fall day 2

One of my favorite spots Le Progrès on the corner had been remodeled. It looked like it got a modern facelift and the old Parisian charm was now gone replaced by shiny new light fixtures and a fancy floor.

I continued my walk to Canal St Martin where I had my Amélie moment on the bridge and checked out the new location of Miznon. The place was packed but I snagged one seat at the bar.

the paris diaries fall day 2

the paris diaries fall day 2 everyday parisian

I continued to walk and walk all the way to the left bank to Luxembourg Gardens. I hit over 12 miles that day but the weather was beautiful and I wanted to soak up every bit of Paris.

the paris diaries fall day 2 everyday parisian

the paris diaries fall day 2 everyday parisian

the paris diaries fall day 2 everyday parisian

I walked back to the apartment that night and eventually stopped for pizza for dinner. I don’t know why but I was craving a real Italian style pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil. I stopped to try a new place that had outdoor seating and was on the way. Not all pizza is created equal so I won’t be sharing the name of this spot.

I would love to know your thoughts on sharing my opinions on here. I always want to be honest with you, but I never want to hurt a small business because I didn’t care for their service or food. I only write about a place and share details if it is worth recommending.

Along with that, I ended up having a very late date on this Friday evening. I was still so tired and the date pushed back the date (he was late) until almost midnight. It was an amusing date to say the least. While a lot of my friends have asked me to share my dating life on the blog, I still want to keep it private until both parties agree to be shared. While it would make for a fun read, I wouldn’t want to be written about without my knowledge if the tables were turned.

After walking so many miles with my camera and lenses, I decided to give my back a break for Saturday. I carry everything in my Cuyana bag which I love and has been around the world with me. Top zipped bags are essential in Paris for keeping everything safe. You can read my Paris safety post for more tips.

P.S. Don’t miss the first of The Paris Diaries here.

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  1. I keep forgetting that you have to go elsewhere to get a coffee after buying your croissant. Can you eat your croissant at the café where you purchase your café creme?

    • Hi!

      You can! It all depends. There are some cafés that will offer a croissant available at the bar and some offer a coffee/croissant breakfast. The classic Parisian cafés will offer this. The coffee isn’t always the best which is why I choose to sometimes get them separately.

  2. Hi! I am new to your blog – found you through Simply Luxurious Life- and I am hooked on your Paris Diaries and can’t wait to read Day 3! I have been to Paris 7 times so I am a seasoned traveler but I loved reading about your outfits, your favorite French pharmacy finds, your favorite travel shoes… and can you please let us know what color your Cuyana bag is- sounds like you have figured it out how to travel stylish and easily!

    • Hi Jo Ann!

      I am so happy you found me! Thank you for reading the blog. I am so happy you are enjoying The Paris Diaries. My Cuyana bag is the black one and I have the pink and grey insert to keep everything organized on the go.


  3. Agreed with not sharing the name. I prefer reading about your lovely positive experiences – let TripAdvisor reviews help someone sort out their decision if they’re wondering about quality.

    Just a curiosity question – do you switch hotels / lodging frequently for a reason? It seems exhausting to me – I like to settle in and get homey when I’m away. Assuming maybe sponsored visits which make the trips possible? I like all the reviews and exposure to different brands but I feel for ya whenever you move locations!

    Also really enjoyed the Instagram Stories this trip; looked forward to them everyday.

  4. Luv the blog & totally agree with not sharing the name of the pizzeria to not hurt a small business owner (very classy)…I am hoping I get some of your great weather next month when I’m there🤞🤞🤞. I’m considering getting the Cuyana bag for my trip 🤔

    • Thank you, Laurie! Fingers crossed you get good weather next month. The Cuyana bag is one of my favorite things I own. I have the insert for it as well and it is a life changer. Keeps everything all in one place 🙂