Links I Love Week 47

Let’s just say it has been a week! My email was down much of Tuesday – Friday evening. Running a small business at the start of a very busy holiday season is hard enough without any technical difficulties. If you emailed me this week and didn’t hear back, please feel free to forward it again so it hits the top of my inbox. Thank you for your patience.

I will be away from my family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and the thought of it makes me cry. Literally, every commercial I see that features a family at the holidays cues the tears. I am going to make the best of it and I plan on sending everyone a cookie box so we can enjoy a bit of the holiday together. More on those a little later.

I put together my EDP Holiday Playlist if you want to get in the festive mood. Plus, I have Christmas candles galore. My Anthropologie mirror will arrive just in time for garland and a red bow and wreath. This is the first holiday I will be home so I want to make the most of it.

This is What Paris is Like Without Tourists

My friend Peggy sent me this Youtube video from the Eiffel Tower. Take a few minutes to watch it and transport yourself to Paris

French Wines from less well-known regions

I bought a bunch of these cookie tins for my family. I am going to send everyone an assortment of Holiday cookies so we can keep up our family tradition. Half Baked Harvest has this great post about a cookie box here.

The NYT shares, “How to Pretend You are in Paris” I know a few of you sent this to me over the week. Thank you! I feel I was a little early with the Frenchify series 😉

Last week I talked about self-care and how important it is right now. My friend Meghan wrote this post on finding the Little Comforts that I really enjoyed. Please take time for yourself and check in on friends/family. This is a stressful time for so many people.

Also from the NYT, 10 French Movies to Transport You to Paris

I ordered this sweater from JCrew in an XS and surprisingly love it. I didn’t know if I was going to like the style but it is great and cozy for wearing at home. Plus it is under $50. Size down it runs big.

In case you missed it, Angelina opened a location in NYC. One of my readers and friends sent me a surprise box of chocolates from them via Goldbelly this week!

Here is another Thanksgiving Menu for 2 From The Kitchn (this was sent in from a reader)

Madewell has touch gloves so you can keep warm and still text friends. I ordered a pair!

Around the World in 80 Books

Boll and Branch is 25% off for Black Friday and that starts now. These are the sheets I own and love. I included a few things of theirs in my gift guide. I love them!

How does Ina Do it? Via the NYT

If you are maxed out on NYT articles, you can take a look into Ina’s kitchen on Youtube here.

Chicago friends, a few fun things headed our way. The Van Gogh light exhibition is coming in 2021!! It will be hosted in Old Town really close to my old house. This is so great for the neighborhood. You can preorder tickets on November 23 here.

Also in Chicago, French Quiche opened up in Lincoln Park last week. I haven’t stopped by yet, but I can’t wait to check it out soon.

I love this Compagnie de Provence soap. Let’s be honest, we all need a pick me up when we wash our hands a million times a day. These come in so many different scents. I own the rose and fig. They are currently 35% off! They make a great gift and it is a little bit of France at home.

My favorite Natori bra is 50% off

Can’t find a chess set? You can blame “The Queen’s Gambit” for that

French Themed Gifts You Can Buy Online via my friend Lily

“Emily in Paris” and the rise of ambient tv

The holidays are a great time to grab a Nespresso coffee maker if you have your eye on one. They have great deals. Watch this one as the price changes day by day. This is very similar to the one I own.

On the Blog:

The Francophile Gift Guide is Here

The Best Holiday Wrapping Paper (I had no idea how popular this post would be)!

My Holiday Playlist was put together by reader contributions and is 4 hours of Christmas music.

This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased from my links. Merci!

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  1. Thanks for the link on compagnie de provence – not easy to find in the US. I fell in love with the cotton flower. I’ve been rationing my bottles, but my mom did not and now she’s asking for more.

    • my pleasure! I love them and this price is so good I had to share. I hope you stock up and surprise your mom for the holidays.

  2. Love this! I also recommend World Marke for lovely little presents.They have lots of French cookies, crepe mix, and other tasty treats.

  3. I’m right there with you, no travel for the holidays means no friends or family. It is really hard right now for everybody. Hugs! Thank you for this great list every week.

    • I am sorry you are struggling also, Liz. Lots of love and we will get through this together. I can’t wait to hug my family on the other side of this.

      Have a great Sunday and stay safe.

  4. I look forward to this list every Sunday. Thanks for sharing the link for les savons! This is the best selection of fragrances I have come across and the 35% discount is very nice. I put my order in just in time for the holidays! Merci!

    • Thank you, Susan! The discount is so great and I love their soaps. They are always too heavy to transport home. I hope you have a great Sunday.

  5. Bonjour, Rebecca! I introduced your Sunday “Links I Love” to the Alliance Francaise group in KC. I’m sure they will like it.