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When I find something I love, I use it over and over and I am known to share my favorites with others.  I am pretty loyal to my favorites including my skincare products and travel accessories. I made a list on a post it over the last couple weeks of products that I loved that I used often. The list keeps growing so I may continue to add to this post if I forgot to add something. I would love to know your favorites too so don’t forget to comment below so we can discover something new.

I gifted these Cuyana Travel Bags to myself and they are my favorite travel accessory. I use one for all my toiletries and the other one for makeup. They make traveling so much easier by keeping everything organized. I am a huge fan of Cuyana and I can’t wait to collect more pieces from them this next year. 

When it comes to favorite makeup products, it is hard to choose just one. I have been a huge fan of the Sisley mascara and rarely go a day without it. I recently found this Dior primer that makes it even better. My lashes really pop by using this duo. A few more favorites in my makeup bag include the Sisley Black Rose Moisturizer and Black Rose Oil that I use every night before bed. 

This is my favorite new addition to my apartment this year. I had my eye on this mirror from Anthroplogie all year and I finally purchased it in September. It was well worth the wait. I have the XS size. It resembles a mirror from a flea market in Paris and I can see it using it for years to come in different spaces. It is the perfect size for above a dresser. 

My favorite thing that I made when it comes to recipes was my homemade yogurt and granola. I have gotten into the habit of making this yogurt once a week when I am home. My sister, is a huge fan of the granola and has begged me for the recipe. The granola makes a decent amount so you can make it and use it for a while. If making your own yogurt isn’t something you are interested in the granola is worth it to make and sprinkle on store bought yogurt with in season fruit. 

This year, I changed a lot when it comes to my hair. I normally washed my hair once a day after dance class but that all started when I decided to follow all the buzz I heard that it is better NOT to wash your hair every day. I wash my hair a twice to three times a week (my bangs daily) and I condition once a week. I have heard a lot about Klorane from their dry shampoo that flies off the shelves of Pharmacie shelves in Paris. We ended up buying this in Portugal and it took six months to go through one bottle at $20. It was completely worth it and my salon tells me my hair has never looked healthier. I use the Magnolia shampoo but your type of hair may use a different formula so search for the one that best suits your needs. 


The newest addition to my apartment, but something I have wanted for so long is a marble bistro table. I found this table just before I left for the holidays and it was already worth the splurge. I am using it as a dining table but also a desk. I haven’t quite decided what will happen to my desk. but for now both will stay for now. 

I have been really into Podcasts this year, the one I enjoy the most is NPR How I Built This. I love to listen to these while I am working at home, cleaning up, or occasionally when I can’t fall asleep. 

My favorite things wouldn’t be complete without my Nespresso. I use this daily at least once sometimes twice. 

Earlier this year I purchased my first bottle of Laundress. I was a bit skeptical when it came to if it would really help keep my whites “white”. The guy at Bloomingdales promised if it didn’t work, I could return it. I was surprised after the first wash my linens were brighter and they smelled so good. I just purchased my second bottle and really happy that I gave it a try. It is more expensive than the typical detergent but worth the splurge. 

Earlier this year, I was sent these slippers by Mahabis. They are by far the most comfortable slippers I have owned. I have almost walked out the door in my slippers multiple times. 

My friends at Michel’Angelo Restaurant in Capri sent me three bottles of olive oil from their restaurant as a birthday present. When it comes to olive oil this was a game changer. I have been cooking with it all year and I have one bottle left. I promised myself I wouldn’t open the last bottle until I have a trip booked back to Capri. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research fund. Merci. 

What were your favorite things from 2017? Please comment below and share.

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  1. My favorite thing in 2017 was my first trip to Paris this past August. I am completely obsessed with anything related to Paris. It was such a magical place for me. I know there will be a return trip in my future.

  2. Those slippers gah! I’m putting in an order this week. I live in Florida and they have a summer version that looks like it is perfect to be comfy, but not hot. Awesome find.

    • yes! I am so happy you like the too. They have a clip on version to the bottom, so you can run out to door if you need to. I love them and bring them with me wherever I travel. If you use the code IGXevery73 you can get 15% off. I hope this helps! xo