My Morning Routine

Photo by Carolina Carusso Photography

Photo by Carolina Carusso Photography

If you told me 10 years ago that I would be a morning person, I would laugh. I had a job with a salary, boss, and normal (somewhat) hours. Being self-employed requires so much discipline. It wasn’t ever my intention to start a business, but after 10 years of being unemployed it seems to be a good fit for me.

I am a morning person. Before I go to bed, I set my alarm for 7 am. Almost every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday, I wake up about an hour before my alarm. Sometimes I can fall back asleep but most of the time I am awake. I will stay in bed until 7 and go through my day, what needs to be tackled. I have a notepad by my bed where I make my to do list for the day. As I fall asleep, there is always something I remember I need to do for the following day. This also helps me sleep better. I typically will turn off my alarm around 6:30 once I am wide awake.

Photo by Carolina Carusso

Photo by Carolina Carusso


1. I say what I am grateful for out loud. I cover just about everything in this moment friends, business, family. I love taking the time to appreciate everything I have, even the small things. 

Drink Up

2. I am very dehydrated when I wake up, I keep water next to my bed and drink up right away. I am trying to get better at this before bed too. Even if it means getting up in the middle of the night. 


3. I head straight to my Nespresso and turn it on. (I make sure the water container is filled the night before) I also pour 16 oz of water with a fresh lemon wedge. 

Photo by Carolina Carusso

Photo by Carolina Carusso


4. Breakfast. It is pretty much guaranteed I will be hungry when I wake up. This varies a bit but normally it is my homemade yogurt (I make a weeks worth on Sundays) and fresh fruit. Breakfast always has fresh fruit, whatever is in Season. I do eat a small square of chocolate each morning with my coffee.


Get to Work

5. My most productive time is between 7-9 am. You can read 5 Tips to be More Productive Here. I check emails, instagram, blog stats, and orders. I run two sites for my photography. 

Get Dressed 

6. The timing of this is always different. Some days, I get dressed right away and other days I get right to work and forget I am still in my pajamas. I brush and floss every morning. I am addicted to my water flosser from Sonicare. I work out every morning at 9:15 so I throw on workout gear.  I love Zella or Aloyoga for workout leggings. I have to keep enough on hand since I am at the dance studio 7 days a week.


7. I have a whole beauty/skincare routine that is a little lengthy so I will save it for another post. But I hydrate through cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. I throw on sunscreen and mascara for class and that is just about it! I am pretty minimalist when it comes to makeup and I don’t want to clog my pores when I work out. 

Get Moving 

8. I am in class from 9 – 10 every morning just about every day of the week. This gets my blood flowing and I get the best ideas for work during this time. It is so important to my creativity. I call it my “morning meeting” and schedule the rest of the day around this time. It is totally worth getting up early for and sometimes working late for. 

Do you have a morning routine? What is one thing you have to do each morning? 

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  1. A very ideal routine! The only sure in my mornings is my meditation and visualization, and at least 3 solid job hours. Until which hour do you work in the afternoon?

    • Caroline, I hate to admit it but I work way past the afternoon until the evening. There are hours in the middle I feel less productive but I get back in the groove later at night. I am still working on a work/life balance. Meditation and visualization are great to have as part of your mornings. Thank you for sharing!

  2. It’s a good thing to have written down. I think it helps one to reduce wasted time. Most everyone has a routine of sorts even when they aren’t aware of it. I am sure that with the writing then morning activities could be made more efficient. When finished why not keep it handy, use it for a script of sorts. And watch for improvements as time passes.
    I’ve done that, I’m retired, for my morning routines, showering (shampooing and shaving I do with my shower), and what is on my TV, it stays on from waking up to the sleep timer shuts it off at night. I’ve posted my TV watching and my showering routines on my blog. Also I’ve posted a cell phone etiquette for using it in public (e.g. at a restaurant plop it on the table–so it won’t be ringing in your pocket or purse).
    I loved reading your morning regiment, a comfortable fit for you it seems. BTW, the class, are you a student or are you teaching one?

  3. I was in a really good morning routine, and had been for many years. Then I moved and got a flatmate! My routine shattered into fragments. But I feel that it is time to restore it. We both work from home, so we tend to get in each others way, a wee bit. But, I really like the idea of working writing (which is what I do) from 7-9am.

    My routine has always been: up at 6am, water, coffee – 2 cups, breathing and meditation, some yoga, and maybe a walk. Breakfast – porridge, fruit, water. Yoghurt definitely sounds more chic than porridge!!

    Going to a class sounds great, and is so admirable.