French Finds at Anthropologie

You may know by now that Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. I love their clothes but also their home decor. I could spend hours wandering around the store and it is rare that I don’t walk out with something. Over the last year since starting the blog I have thought about writing a post about all the French Finds (there are a lot) but I haven’t until now. My friend Kat and I were recently discussing all the fun pieces you can find at Anthropologie so why not write a post about it. If you don’t have an Anthropologie in your city you can shop all of these online. There is even a small outpost in BHV in Paris. 

french signs anthropologie

La Maison Plaque

I have the Bonjour as a gift from Leyla

paris ring dish

Paris Ring Dish

Perfect engagement gift

bonjour door mat

Bonjour/Au Revoir

door mat

franocphile dinner plate

Dinner Plate




wire script sculpture

french love poems

French Love Poems


bon voyage calendar

Bon Voyage


en route passport holder

En Route

Passport Holder

All Aboard Paris

All Aboard Paris

come with me to paris

Come with me to Paris

The New Paris

The New Paris

Bissous Phone Case


Phone Case

Local Eats Paris

Local Eats Paris


merci sign


she met him in secret

Fictions eau de perfume

Paris, France 

This is not a sponsored post but does include affiliate links which put a little money in my pocket for croissant and coffee reasearch. Merci! 

gold parisian mirror

Parisian Gold Mirror

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